10 Coffee Tips On How To Make An Excellent Cup Of Coffee Every Time

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The following is a list of Tips to make an exceptional cup of coffee every time.

Coffee Tip #1

Coffee is mostly water so if you start with lousy water, the drink won’t get better with coffee beans, only darker. If you see no difference between your water before and after brewing, quit drinking the water immediately and start bottling the stuff as coffee and make a bundle.

Use fresh spring, bottled or great filtered tap water. Distilled water takes too much out and normal tap water has too many chemicals and critters.

Coffee Tip #2

Do you like strong coffee of death that will take paint off the wall and straighten curly hair? Maybe you love mild smooth as silk coffee gently soothing you into coffee dreams and romance.

How about something in between, a medium taste and body that gives you that caffeine hit without permanent damage. Many people can’t taste anything – so if you’re one of those skip this step.

Know what you like (Mild, Medium, Strong, or Combination).

Coffee Tip #3

Match your coffee profile with coffee bean origins and properties. Yea right – like I got time do that! Okay so here is a quick cheat sheet.

Mild Beans




El Salvador



Medium Beans


Dominican Republic


Hawaii / Jamaica


Strong Beans






Any French Roast or Espresso

Understand there are 80 countries that produce coffee. The easiest way to decide is to try them out at coffee stores for free. Ask to try a small bit before you buy. Most independent places will accommodate. Even some web sites will send small 8 cup samples if you ask.

10 Coffee Tips On How To Make An Excellent Cup Of Coffee Every Time

Coffee Tip #4

Sounds simple, yet can be elusive – Buy only the freshest whole beans. Many people buy beans from grocery stores or malls. Much of that inventory has been roasted months earlier and is starting to turn bitter and stale. Fresh coffee is not bitter unless it is roaster too dark for the bean.

Most coffee connoisseurs purchase coffee fresh roasted, either at a coffee shop that has a roaster, a roaster that has a front end store or via their web site. Ask the roaster to date when the coffee was roasted. It will make a BIG DIFFERENCE!

5. Storage Tips.

Many people store their coffee in the refrigerator or freezer. DO NOT DO THAT. It will hasten stalling and takes on the food odors such as meatloaf or cabbage casserole. These places also have moisture that will not help your coffee.

Store the whole coffee beans in an airtight dry container away from light. Those glass jars with seals work well as long as you store them in the pantry away from light.

Coffee Tip #6.

Grind only what you plan to use. Toss the excess on your plants. Old ground coffee makes great potting soil, and bad coffee. Oxygen turns coffee bitter. The more surface area exposed to air the quicker the coffee will go stale. A normal auto-drip grind will create 300-500 pieces from each bean.

You have just increased the surface area 300% exposed to air. Espresso grind is far worse with an average 1000-3000 pieces per bean. This is why the vacuum-pack can smells so good when you open it, but just a couple days later the experience can never be re-lived.

Coffee Tip #7

Best to use that little scoop that came with the coffee machine. Or the rule of thumb is 2 tablespoons of fresh ground coffee per six ounces of water, or .2 ounces of coffee for every cup of liquid coffee. Yep only .2 ounces – now that gives you some idea on the retail markup. WOW.

Without any yield loss (Steady Hand) one pound of coffee may produce 80 cups. Now add that great retail price you are paying $4.00 times 80 cups equals = $320 per pound of coffee you are paying. It is true that we did not figure in frothy milk and sprinkles.

Coffee Tip #8

Most people don’t have a $200+ espresso machine. If you do great! If not, chill out. There are so many ways to brew great coffee. The purest will love to use a French Press. My grandparents use a Percolator that emits sounds depicting the coffee wars within the stainless silver chamber. Today it’s the affordable Automatic Drip with assorted cone shaped gold and paper filters.

Whatever you use keep it clean and drink the coffee right after brewing. Unless you have an Insulated stainless steel carafe (They don’t have an underneath burner), don’t let it cook for hours – it won’t get better – but it will get stronger.

Coffee Tip #9

Don’t reuse old coffee grounds – Are you a knucklehead? Give them to your plants or create art.

Coffee Tip #10 On Flavored Coffee. Its the Craze!

If you flavor coffee, it is best to use a premium coffee syrup like the professionals use versus flavored coffee that uses a chemical base. Using a premium coffee syrup will allow everyone to add flavor to the coffee to their liking (or not add at all)

Rule: It is better to add a little syrup first then increase to your taste versus throwing the drink out because of over flavoring. You can also create your own flavor creations with just a few syrups. Some companies even offer syrups that are organic and sugar free.

Okay these are 10 Simple Steps that will give you that great coffee experience and produce an affordable luxury in a cup!

10 Coffee Tips On How To Make An Excellent Cup Of Coffee Every Time