10 gift ideas for him

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10 General gift ideas for him

Finding the right gift for men is easy if you put a little thought into it.

For one thing, as a group, men are pretty easy to shop for…

…and there’s an extensive range of gifts for men out there to choose from.

All you have to do is narrow down your choices and focus your gift ideas…

…select general gift ideas and refine those ideas.

When you do get a good gift idea for him, go to a web site that has that specific gift…

Save yourself a lot of time and energy and get a gift for him that’s original, thoughtful, unique…

…and appreciated.

Tip: Create a list of gift ideas for him and use the list as a starting point. For a detail method on how to do this, see how to “generate gift ideas” on the home page.

Here’s 10 general gift ideas for him that you can use for all occasions.

1. Sports merchandise

2. Business and travel gifts

3. Fishing gifts

4. Camping, hiking, hunting gear

5. Power tool sets

6. Golf gifts

7. Wristwatches

8. Premium steaks

9. Electronic toys

10. Gardening and yard gifts


10 gift ideas for him


10 Unique birthday gift ideas for Him

Here’s 10 unique birthday gift ideas for him to help you get started…

Note: A good gift idea for him is worth holding on to… if you don’t use it now… save it for later. Use any good gift idea for any occasion, as long as it’s appropriate. A unique birthday gift idea for him can easily be used for Christmas, anniversarys or Father’s Day… 

1. Titanium jewelry

2. Star registry

3. Radio controlled cars

4. Retro candy

5. Barbecue gifts 10 gift ideas for him

6. Gourmet food gifts10 gift ideas for him

7. Satellite radio

8. Gift-of-the-month-clubs — fruit, cookies, pizza, beer, coffee

9. Executive gifts

10. Poker gift sets