10 Healthiest Foods For Kids

The statistics show that 6 out of 10 Americans are overweight or obese. – This is no longer news, yet what has been done about it? The food we eat is a choice we make. We have to make these choices for our kids too. The concensus seems to be, “feed them what they want – rather than what we know is good for them.” If you teach your kids to eat the right foods, it will be easier for them to choose these foods when they get older.

1. Oatmeal:
A great food for breakfast, excellent source of B vitamins, iron, zinc and calcium. Oatmeal is definitely a chart topper for smart carbs, offering quick quick energy for kids – which they definitely need. Notable for its its carb load and fiber count.

2. Eggs! Eggs! Eggs
An excellent source of protein, Kids need that protein to keep their energy level stable throughout the day! Other nutrients contained in eggs include B vitamins, vitamin E and zinc. For adults, According to the American Heart Association – an egg a day is good for you!

3. Nuts:
Nut are a great source of fats and proteins for kids. Kids actually need the fat – as long as it is not hydrogenated fat, it is good fat. Peanuts, almonds, cashews and other nuts as well as nut butters – make great fast foods for kids who are not allergic to nuts (typically peanuts) – Always check with your child’s doctor to make sure that the foods you are giving them won’t cause a problem.

10 Healthiest Foods For Kids

4. MilK!:
Great source of calcium and you know your kid’s growing bones and teeth need as much of those as they can get! Increase your child’s milk consumption. Also introduce yogurt to their daily meals. Yogurt happens to be a little easier to digest than regular milk. Also, the cultures are very beneficial to good colon health.

5. Melons especially cantaloupes:
Excellent source of Vitamin C, beta-carotene, some B vitamins, trace minerals and calcium.

6. Broccoli:
Get creative with the broccoli. Lots of picky kids will eat broccoli rather than any other greens, when you serve with cheese, call the little trees and so on. Broccoli is especially good for growing kids due to its high calcium content and other nutrients, such as potassium, beta-carotene and B vitamins.

7. Sweet potatoes:
Exceedingly high in its beta-carotene and fiber content. Sweet potatoes could easily boast of 30mg beta-carotene content per cup. It would take 23 cups of broccoli to equal that!

8. Proteins:
Growing kids need protein to keep growing. Good choices of foods that are high in protein include legumes, beans, soy products like tofu, or meat, fish or poultry.

9. Whole Grain:
Brown rice and whole wheat bread is where you find the best nutrition. You can’t compare these grains to white rice and other white grains. They offer a necessary amount of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

10. Orange Juice:
Even though it has been reported that kids drink too much juice, parents don’t have to avoid the juice altogether – just use in moderation. The rule of thumb should be, don’t give your kids juice in place of water. Orange juice contains vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium, folate and zinc. You can buy calcium-fortified orange juice.