10 Rules To Sports Wagering

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There are a lot of different ways to wager on games. Every sport presents its own unique challenges and therefore its own strategies to increase your odds of coming out on top. That being said, there are some tried and true principles that apply across the board. Once you’ve mastered these 10 rules you’ll be well on your way towards a brighter betting future.

1. RESPECT YOUR BANKROLL – Money management is the key to a long and happy betting career. Winning and losing are part of the game. You won’t win every day but if you practice poor money management you’ve got a good shot at losing every day.

2. RESPECT THE LINE - The people who get paid to make the line get paid for a reason. Their good at it! Don’t bet games you haven’t thoroughly handicapped. Oddsmakers want you to be unsure about whether to lay or take the points so if something looks too good to be true it probably is.

3. MAINTAIN DISCIPLINE – It’s easy to get caught up in the fast paced world of sports betting. Don’t start getting lazy because you’re on a hot streak and think that you’ve got some god like ability to pick only winners. Trust me you don’t! On the flip side don’t start to press and look for value when it’s not there. The quickest way to go broke is chasing. Don’t blow your money on games you have no business betting on. Both you and your bank account will be the happier for it.

4. DON’T BET MORE THEN YOU CAN AFFORD TO LOSE - For some gambling becomes an addiction. Be responsible and don’t bet your rent money. If you think things are spiraling out of control stop betting immediately and seek professional help.

10 Rules To Sports Wagering

5. BE CAREFUL OF RELYING ON TRENDS – I know there are some out there who place a lot of faith in certain trends. Still be cautious of placing too much emphasis on them. A team that has covered 6 straight times against an opponent is no more or less likely to cover in game number 7. History can give you some insight but it is not a telling indicator of what will happen in the future. Many trends are the result of “backfitting” where someone manufactures a theory to validate a set of numbers instead of developing a theory and seeing where it is supported by statistical data.

6. UNDERSTAND THE IMPORTANCE OF INJURIES – Depending on the sport, injuries can have either a minor or significant role in how well that team will perform. Generally speaking the more starters on a team the more likely a team will be able to recover from losing a starting player. It is important to take all injuries into account when handicapping games and I strongly suggest always checking out a team’s injury report before laying down any bets. There are few things more unsettling to a bettor than placing a bet only to find out that the star player was scratched from that day’s game.

7. DEFENSE, DEFENSE, AND MORE DEFENSE – Lots of casual bettors bet on high octane offenses that put up a lot of points but the serious bettor knows that over the year’s defense brings home championships. Don’t fall into the trap of betting on a team just because there flashy. Of course there are exceptions but don’t underestimate the power of defense.

8. UNDERSTAND HOME COURT ADVANTAGE – It varies from sport to sport but having a firm grasp on the benefits that home court advantage gives a team can greatly aid you in assessing the probability of who will come out on top. Don’t forget the importance playing at home provides. Whether it means less wear and tear from traveling, favorable weather conditions or a stadium full of crazy fans all of these things can factor into your final decision.

9. DON’T ONLY HANDICAP THE LAST GAME – Now don’t get me wrong, recent form is important. Just remember that no team is as good or bad as it looked in only its last game. You need to broaden your analysis to get a clearer picture of where a team stands. For example teams that are embarrassed, often practice harder and come back stronger. After all no professional athlete wants to be continually humiliated. On the reverse side of things teams that blowout their opponents can fall victim to overconfidence. One game is simply not enough to predict the future outcome of the next day’s game.

10. KEEP ACCURATE RECORDS – I can’t stress enough the importance of keeping up to date accurate records. You need to be able to see what is coming in and what is going out in order to properly manage and grow your bankroll. If you’re not keeping records there’s a good chance it’s costing you money. Records allow you to recognize and correct bad betting habits. A dollar here and there adds up to some serious cash in the long run.

I hope you’re able to see the value contained within these 10 rules. I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT THEY ARE! A smart plan of action to begin with is to measure a game you like against the 10 rules before placing a bet on it. After a few times this will start to become second nature to you. Once you’ve finished the checklist and the game isn’t disqualified by any of the aforementioned 10 rules go ahead and bet it with confidence!