10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas and Celebrations

A decade. Ten years. Sincere congratulations. It is really is an achievement to reach your tenth milestone.

If you started off with anniversary traditions on your first anniversary than you should have anniversary gifts covered for the next 50 or so years.

If not you can get right into it now. So what’s special about your third wedding anniversary?

  • Traditional Gift-tin/aluminum
  • Modern Gift-diamond jewelry
  • Flower-sweet pea
  • Gemstone-diamond

Sweet peas are a lovely old fashioned flower to include in a beautiful anniversary bouquet. They have a lovely sweet scent and are very long lasting (a bit like your marriage). Combine them with roses as in this photograph.

Traditional Gift Tin or Aluminium

  • An espresso machine accompanied by a tin of coffee.
  • An expensive bottle of wine presented in a aluminium carry case.
  • A digital camera in an aluminium case.
  • Novelty gifts presented in tins. Or make up your own.
  • Have your wedding photos compiled into a photo book with a cover featuring tin or aluminium.
    10th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas and Celebrations

    Modern Gift and Gemstone Gift–Diamond Jewelry
    How easy is this one? I think those lovely faux diamonds will do the trick to if your budget is a bit tight.
  • Diamond ring.
  • Diamond earrings.
  • Diamond necklace or pendant.
  • Diamond bracelet.
  • Diamond watch.
  • Diamond cufflinks.

    Tenth Anniversary Celebrations
  • Renew your wedding vows.
  • Throw a cocktail party to celebrate with family and friends.
  • Watch Diamonds are Forever on dvd.
  • Have a romantic dinner and dance to Neil Diamond cd’s afterwards.
  • Take a holiday to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go for your tenth wedding anniversary.