12 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Woman Swimsuits

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The key to shopping for woman swimsuits, is to know who your are and what you have. Meaning every woman has their favorite features. Some women have shapely legs, long legs, shapely breasts etc. A woman should focus on her physical attributes that get the most attention. Then build on that.

A Womans Body Shape:

When choosing woman swimsuits she must know her body shape. Not, repeat, not, what she would like it to be, but what your shape really is. I’ve found that this is a big mistake. Choosing a swimsuit that isn’t you. A woman should measure herself perfectly. Your mearsurements will help determine your shape. Below are some descriptions and tips to help guide you to the perfect swimsuit.

For starters, ahhh yes, one of my favorites.

The Hourglass Shape:

The shoulder width and hips are balanced, with a smaller waist. This type of woman can’t make to many mistakes in choosing woman swimsuits. Still staying sexy and tasteful of course 12 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Woman Swimsuits . I recommend a printed suit which will keep the eye roaming from the bottom to the top.

12 Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Woman Swimsuits

The hourglass shaped woman probably would get the looks anyway regardless of the suit. All according on whoms looking and what they like, but what she’s comfortable in is all that matters.

Inverted Triangle:

Which is the upside down triangle. The upper torso or shoulders and bust are wider than the hips. Try a skort or either one or two piece suit with shorts to balance the look of your shape.

The Triangle Shape:

The shoulders and bust are narrower than the hips. Choose woman swimsuits with a brighter shaded top. This will draw a little more attention to the top than the bottom.

The Round Shape:

Like a circle, the shoulder width and balanced hip with a wider midriff. Find woman swimsuits with tummy control. Try to find a printed suit as well to take away from the wider midriff.

The Box Shape:

The box shape is more like a rectangle. Shoulders and balanced hips and waist, all in a straight line. I’d try to find womens bathing suits with a high cut and tummy control as well. The tummy control will define the waist a little. The higher cut will let the hips go, giving the illusion of having bigger hips.


There are (3) Trunk Sizes…Long, Average, Petite. Measurements should be taken from the shoulder to the hip for proper fit.


There are many styles to choose from and you can also create a few yourself. There are many pant cuts for bathing suits. You have the Thong, Low Cut, High Cut, V line Cut, and the Boy Cut.

There are many different selections of tops that are interchangable (Mix and Match).

You have the Strapless, Halter, Tank Top, Bikini, and the String Bikini.


Accessories are a must, you should have swimsuit accessories no matter what your body type is. There are Shorts, Skort(Shorts underneath), Long Sarong, Short Sarong(both Ultra Sheer), and you have the Strapless Wrap and Cover ups(short and long).


Bras are inclusive; cup bras are usually for (A-C) cup. Womens underwires is a necessity for Full Figured Women, usually from a (C) cup and up.

Bust Enhancers:

Bust Enhancers are for women whom are not endowed. The Gel Cup is something that will give you more of a natural look and feel (Enhancement).

Bust Reducers:

Bust Reducers are for women whom are too endowed and are uncomfortable, of course.

Briefs can also be cutomized for a womans needs. From light, medium, and firm support.

*There are also bottoms (Full) with padded hips!* Ouch, now you ladies are something else.