12 tips to build a strong relationship

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Sure the hearts, flowers and chocolates are great ways of being romantic, but everyday ideas for romance come from everyday actions. It’s pretty hard to be romantic with someone who is grumpy, secretive or uncommunicative.

To keep your relationship on the right track there are a few simple romance ideas that you should incorporate into your everyday relationship.

  • Time. Allocate time to spend together. It might be the ritual of a drink together on the back deck after work. It might be a nightly chat before retiring. Make room in your day to spend quality time with your partner.
  • Be truthful. Secrets are the undoing of many a relationship. The longer secrets remain untold, the worse it bodes for a healthy relationship. If things are travelling badly at work, share it with your partner. If you are feeling that your relationship is stalling, then let your partner know how you feel. All of this leads onto the most important thing in any relationship…
  • Communication. Listen to each other and try to understand what the other is saying. Don’t make your partner play guessing games, tell them what you do or don’t want. Respect (and accept) that you will each have different points of view. Fight fair. No name calling or physical outbursts. Then forgive each other and move on.
  • Respect. Make and keep agreements with each other. Pay each other the courtesy you would pay others. Ring if you are going to be late. Make keeping appointments with each other a priority. Make agreements and expect them to be followed through with things like money, housework and children. Don’t make one person the bad guy.
  • Be loyal. Do not put your partner down in front of others. Defend him or her to your parents. Don’t side with the kids against your partner in an argument. Back each other up. If they do something that upsets you, speak about it privately. Don’t flirt with others.
  • Appreciate each other. Appreciative comments outweigh criticisms and are really easy romance ideas. Actually say the words I appreciate it when….
  • Take pride in yourself. Look good. Make an effort to look great for your partner. He or she will appreciate and reciprocate the effort.
  • No pay back. Don’t get into the nasty habit of doing something for your partner as a means of getting your own way. Keeping score is unproductive.
  • Admit when you are wrong. Practise after me. “I’m sorry I was wrong”.
  • Give yourselves space. Have some things that are just for you. Different hobbies and interests make you a more interesting person. Encourage this in each other.
  • Have fun. Romance shouldn’t be hard work.
  • Take pride in yourself. It’s hard for someone else to love you if you don’t love yourself.

12 tips to build a strong relationship