13 tips to prevent an accidental poisoning in your little one

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Along with curiosity, little ones use us as examples to learn and develop. Unfortunately, curiosity and poisonous substances can be a deadly combo.

Being a parent often means preventing accidents before they happen. Here are some things that you can do to prevent an accidental poisoning in your little one.

13 tips to prevent an accidental poisoning in your little one

  • Periodically, walk through your home to make sure all hazardous products are out of reach of children. Make sure they are clearly labeled and out of reach of your little one.
  • Keep ALL potentially hazardous products in cabinets up high or locked away.NEVER underestimate the determination of a child. Child resistant does not mean child proof. The U.S. Federal Drug Administration (FDA) states:

    β€œThe legal definition of child-resistant caps is that it takes greater than five minutes for 80 % of 5-year-olds to get into it.”
    Therefore, do not underestimate the ability of a child to get into areas and containers that appear “childproof”.
  • Store all hazardous material in original containers and not in soda bottles and other food containers. To a little one, filled soda bottles and food containers are enticing. They may want to eat what is inside.
  • Is your garage poison-proof? Make sure to keep all poisonous products on a shelf where your little one cannot reach.
  • Is your car poison-proof? If you need to store anything that could be harmful to your little one, put it in the glove compartment and lock it.
  • Keep all medicines, as well as vitamins, in a locked medicine cabinet. Some vitamins in high doses can be fatal, especially ones containing iron. Therefore, make sure all medicines and vitamins have child-resistant bottle tops. Also, when finished taking your supplements, make sure to close the top tightly and put them back in the designated locked cabinet.
  • Make sure grandma and grandpa’s house is child-proofed. Unfortunately, a significant number of accidental poisonings occur when children are visiting their grandparents. So make sure their house is child-proofed too.
  • Tuck away all cosmetics, perfumes and nail polish in a locked cabinet. The smell of perfume can be enticing to a little one.
  • Never let your little ones have access to tobacco products or alcohol. These too are poisonous to a little one.
  • Don’t forget about the houseplants. Some plants are poisonous to humans and pets.
  • Never refer to medicine and vitamins as candy. Children love candy and want lots of it. Therefore, do not tell your little one that medicine and vitamins are candy.
  • Do not take medicines in front of your little one. They love to imitate their parents.
  • Do you know the local number to your local Poison Control Center? If you suspect an accidental poisoning, you can call the National Poison Control Center at: 1-800-222-1222. If they are unconscious because of an accidental poisoning, call 911.