15 ideas for a homemade baby shower decoration

I hope your feeling in a creative mood! You’re about to make some great decorations for your baby shower party.

I have compiled a list of ‘home-made’ decorations you can make yourself, from everyday items you will most likely have in your house.

Homemade Baby Shower Decorations:-

  1. Burn candles in small baby food jars.
  2. If you know the baby’s name write each letter of the name on a diaper and hang them on a clothesline. If you don’t know the baby’s name, write BABY SHOWER.
  3. If you are using a theme were you can purchase a lamp that matches, use this as a decoration. It can be a gift from the hostess to the mommy.
  4. Find “It’s A Boy” and “It’s a Girl” confetti and spread it on tables as decoration.
  5. Take the crib/stroller for the baby and use it to display the gifts, both before and after wrapping.
  6. Hang a clothesline across the room and pin on baby clothing (baby booties, hats, pjs, etc.) using little clothespins.
  7. Use pacifiers or baby toy keys as napkin holders – a great baby shower decorations idea.
  8. Use cloth diapers as placemats. (The mommy-to-be can use these as burp cloths if she is using disposable diapers.)
  9. Decorate an open umbrella with blue and pink streamers hanging over the sides and hang it from the ceiling near the gift table or chair were the mom will be sitting.
  10. For a fun centerpiece, fill a baby tub with small blue, white or pearlescent balloons, so they look like bubbles. Add bath supplies and toys.
  11. For tablecloths, purchase inexpensive white or natural color fabric, inexpensive acrylic paint and textile medium. Use a hand and footprint stamp and stamp the tablecloth. If you don’t have stamps use a toddler, they would have a blast making the baby shower decorations tablecloth for you.
  12. Use baby bottles as vases for flowers or fill them with jelly beans and tie balloons to them and use for ceterpieces. Baby shower decorations at their best.
  13. Buy baby care supplies and place them in the center of each table at the shower. Tie balloons around them.
  14. Make big lollipops out of stryofoam and cellophane. Use them for yard decorations or direction signs.
  15. Tie balloons to the inside of a painted flower pot. Fill with items for the mommy to have after the birth.(baby shower decorations list from www.geocities.com/showersrfun/baby_decorations.html)

    15 ideas for a homemade baby shower decoration

    As you can see it is so easy to make your own baby shower decorations. Most of the items you will probably already have in your home, and if not, then you will either be able to borrow the items needed from friends or family. For the other baby shower decoration items you cannot get a hold of, then they will easily be able to be purchased at very low costs.

    So get your creative head on, and start making some wonderful baby shower decorations today!