16 Ways To Lose Fat

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Here are 16 ways to help you lose all that blubber. A weight loss diet is only half the battle when it comes to sculpting a perfect body. Typically when someone aspires to having a better body they do it with a sense of urgency. Here we give you 16 tips for burning the fat and working towards getting that perfect body you were wanting.


1. Have a cup of coffee or caffeine supplement, caffeine is found in most fat-burning supplements. It inhibits the storage of bodyfat and burns extra fat before cardio.

2. Cardio helps burn fat, but it can also burn muscle. So supplement with BCAAS and carnitine before cardio. So take 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids (BCAAS) and 1-2 grams of carnitine ½ an hour before cardio.

3. Do cardio before breakfast. When you do cardio on an empty stomach, your body is more apt to burn more fat as its primary source of energy.

4. Eat eggs for breakfast. After cardio, its time to eat and it doesn’t get any better than whole eggs. The yolks contain nutrients to enhance muscle growth, also eggs contain omega-3 in them.

5. You should consume a slow-burning carbohydrate for breakfast. We suggest two slices of whole wheat bread or 1 cup of oatmeal.

6. Eat half a grapefruit. Consider this fruit a wildcard fat-burning food.

16 Ways To Lose Fat

Weight loss tips #7-9- MID- MORNING

7. Assume it has been a couple of hours since breakfast, time to eat again, eat oatmeal. Oatmeal is a great fat loss diet item.

8. Drink lots of water. Drinking water can increase your metabolic rate and leave you less likely to over eat.

9. Have some cottage cheese. A good source of protein, cottage cheese has 28 grams. That’s better than tuna.


10. Load up on simple carbs after your workout. White bread or rice cakes are great simple carbs to remember.

11. Drink a whey protein shake. Your muscles need protein, to avoid breaking down after your weightlifting program. Drink one no later than 40 min after your workout.

12. Take creatine. This popular weightlifting supplement isn’t just for adding size. Creatine increases the metabolism when coupled with lifting, burning up to 100 additional calories a day. Check out the facts on creatine to find out more on this fat burning supplement.

13. If you have a long gap between your post workout meal and dinner, Eat a hand full of nuts, almonds work the best.


14. Have a salad before dinner. The key to reducing fat intake at dinner is making sure you don’t eat too much, a salad will help you slow down.

15. Eat fish for dinner. The healthful omega-3 fatty acids found in cold water fish such as trout and salmon, promote fat loss. Always add a vegetable on the side, of all different colors.

16. Have a glass of skim milk. Dairy products fight fat because of their calcium content.

So now you have learned 16 tips on how a day should go if you want that perfect body. These simple weight loss tips can bring you great results in a short amount of time. Remember if your a beginner you should check out these beginner workouts. Just stick to it and you will have a lean, tone body that you were always looking for.