2 color tips for your country home

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A Country Home is a welcoming, cozy haven for the family living there and an enjoyable place for friends to visit. Country style is eclectic, bringing various furnishings, colors and textures together for an easy going relaxed style that says to come in and be comfortable. Whether your country style is farmhouse, or a more sophisticated urban style, comfort and warmth are still the two important aspects of country decorating. A country home should be filled to the brim with the items that bring the family pleasure and offer comfort. These items could be collections of pottery, glass, or old family pictures, antiques, quilts, toys, or just about anything.

Country colors are nature’s colors. Nature’s colors can be divided into two seasons, Winter and Summer.

2 color tips for your country home

Winter Colors

Think of the fields of harvested wheat, the tans of dried grasses, the browns of the tree trunks and the nuts for harvest, accented by deep red and rust colored leaves still stubbornly clinging to the almost bare branchs of the trees. Think of the greens of the mosses and the bright blue of a clear winter sky. Winter has a subtle color scheme that is restful and understated.

If you find you prefer these colors, think of the winter landscape in all it’s detail and you will have the color palette for your own country home. Texture is important to the winter color palette and can be achieved by using a trowel to apply texture to the walls, by displaying baskets of pine cones, by hanging a twig wreath, or by adding homespun table coverings and throw rugs. Iron can also be used as an accent in a lamp, candle holders, wall accents or in a container to hold the wood by the fireplace.

Summer Colors

The summer colors can be compared to a flower bouquet with all the shades of green, white, red, pink, yellow, and blue. Pattern is important to summer decorating and can be achieved by using the prints, plaids, stripes, and the fabrics of calico, and gingham. The colors can be the faded colors of summer or accented with the more brilliant hues of the summer country home garden in full bloom.

The furniture can be natural wood, white painted, color painted and stenciled , or wicker or twig. Almost anything can be used, so there is no need to get rid of everything you have already when you create your country home. Old furniture can be painted or stenciled, glass knobs can be added, linens can cover a table that isn’t quite “country” enough for your own country home room. What doesn’t work is to have broad expanses in the primary colors, such as on walls or a couch or carpet, giving a glaring and harsh feeling to the room.

The wall paint colors should be soft and pleasant like a hazy sunny summer, afternoon and the furniture can be Slipcovered (the fast, affordable way to decorate!) in a white or subtle floral pattern if the current colors are too bright. Throw rugs can be laid over a carpet that is too bright, thus, breaking up the too primary color and giving it a softer look. While the colors can be divided into summer colors and winter colors, the styles are far more varied. Garden pictures help set a mood in your country home.