2 genuine telekinesis videos

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For some people seeing is believing, if you are one of these people then the telekinesis video section is for you. Here are videos that I believe to be genuine. Although camera tricks are easily performed in our era, I believe these videos to be real because of my own experiences with telekinesis.

This first one is of Nina Kulagina. She was one of the first celebrities in this secluded supernatural practice. Capable of producing telekinetic effects under experimental conditions, this particular video shows her moving a variety of objects. She even is capable of moving objects under a glass box.

It was these videos that first inspired me to try my own experiments. I saw regular people claiming to be moving a little folded piece of paper or foil that was sitting on top of a pin. The videos that I found most convincing were the ones where they were able to get it to move under glass.

I later came to know these wheels as psi-wheels. I could tell from the videos that they were easy to make. So I made one and thus started my venture into the world of psychic mind powers.