2 Icebreakers Questions

If you are looking for icebreaker questions and questionnaire style icebreakers to start your party off right, then look no further!

Icebreaker questions and questionnaire-style games are classic fun! Remember the Newlywed Game? That was an all-time favorite and you can play it with your friends at your next party.

As I have said before, an icebreaker is KEY to starting your party off right; get your party jumping, the people laughing and have no bored guests or super-shy friends stuck to the walls shivering in fear!

What better game to start off with than one or two funny icebreaker questions games!

They can be adventurous and revealing like the game Meet Your Match or very funny and laugh-out-loud uproarious like “I know my spouse” which you’ll find below.

No matter what the occasion, if you are having more than a handful of people gathering in the same location, start with a game in this category to get people talking in an easy way. You’re friends will thank you for it; most likely by telling everyone what a great time they had at your party!

Below are some icebreaker questions games that are great fun. If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, explore other pages as most games can be played by any type of group with little or no modification!


2 Icebreakers Questions

Game 1: 30 Seconds to Know you!

Icebreaker questions that gets YOU in the know! 2 Icebreakers Questions How much can someone learn about you in 30 seconds? Let’s find out!

What you’ll need:

Music, as a stopwatch.

Prep Work:


How to play:

-Guests form 2 circles with an equal number of people in each circle.

-One circle inside of the other.

-When the music begins, the people in the circle begin to rotate in opposite directions. When the music stops, so do the people!

-Guests then have 30 seconds to ask each other their


2 hobbies


2 dislikes

-Continue this routine until most or all of the guest have been introduced.

In about 5 minutes, you’ll have everyone’s first name and favorite thing to do on your brain…so conversationshave a place to begin, organically!!

* An optional addition to this game is a contest of memory.

-Select a couple of people who think they can remember it all and have a contest!

-Set them up in front of the crowd and give each the opportunity (taking turns) to remember everything they learned about each guest.

-Let the guests decide who should be the one to be remembered, don’t let the contestants choose who they remember! In other words…Once the memory game begins, let the crowd or a moderator decide who will be the person the contestant has to remember the facts about.

-The contestants get 1 point for each fact remembered.

-Remember to take turns: One guest to remember things about for each contestant.

-Go around the room until all the guests have been in front of the contestants for the memory game and then the contestant with the most points wins!

This is a really fun game to play in the icebreaker questions category.

Game 2: I know my spouse!

This is like the all time favorite The Newlywed Game! Great fun for parties dominated by couples…perhaps the icebreaker questions game to play if you could only play one!(doesn’t have to be a spouse, per se!)

What you’ll need:

-Card stock or paper (for your “contestants” to write their answers on!)-Markers

Prep Work:

Decide what questions you’ll be asking your “contestants”!–This is fun! Traditionally on the TV show, Bob Eubanks asked questions about “making whoopee” which can get your contestants laughing, arguing and much more!Make up some fun questions! for example:

–Where is the strangest location you have wanted to make whoopee? (example answer: in an Airplane)–If your spouse could trade one of your body part’s with someone else’s, what would it be and who’s would it be? (Mark’s Shoulder’s)

How to play:

-For the first round, have the women leave the room the game is being played in—have them in the kitchen making a drink or something for a few minutes!)

-Ask a series of questions (like the examples above) and have the men write down their answers on the card stock or paper.

-When the women return, ask them the same questions you asked their partners. Once the women give their answer, the men reveal their answers which they had written on the card stock. If the answers are the same, the couple gets 5 pts.–It is when they aren’t the same when the laughter really gets loud!

-For the second round, send the men out of the room.

-The women are asked 10 pt. questions, and should be played in the same manner as round one.

-There can be a bonus question worth 20 points (make it VERY revealing and outrageous for maximum effect!) if a tie-breakeris needed.

The original Newlywed Game had a maximum of 70 points total. you can decide what your total points achievable will beby figuring out how many questions you are going to ask. A good place to start is 4 questions in each round making a total of 80 points possible.

Have fun with this one. It is truly a great game!