2 Mistakes You’re Probably Making With An Exercise Ball

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It’s been my experience that there are two major mistakes I see many people perform while working out. Please pay close attention to the following information so you can avoid these mistakes from the get go.

And if you’ve been working out for a while, see if you’re currently making these mistakes and take the steps to correct them.

Mistake #1

Performing your reps like a robot, devoid of purpose. Every rep should be purposeful, with some thought put into it. When you lift like an automaton, and just perform a set number of reps, and usually with very light weights, you end up not working your muscles as hard as you should.

This may lead to sloppy movement and you may not use a full range of motion. Your muscles do not become overloaded and thus have no reason to become stronger, nor improve.

Also, performing your exercises in this fashion may lead to injury in that your joints are worked more than your muscles, and not necessarily through the range they’re intended to.

Mistake #2

Using too much weight. This causes you to use poor form in an effort to lift a weight your muscles can’t handle. This is often referred to as “cheating.”

Trying to lift more weight than you can handle with good form can lead to poor technical development as well as injury.

2 Mistakes Youre Probably Making With An Exercise Ball

This is especially a big no no for beginners who are still trying to develop technique. Poor technique now leads to poor gains in tone, strength, and hypertrophy, and of course injury later on down the road

A good rule of thumb is if you aren’t able to perform your reps by targeting the muscle you intend to work, then you’re probably using too much weight.

The Solution

The solution is a lot simpler than you think. Simply use a weight heavy enough to be challenging in whatever rep range you’re working in, yet not so heavy that you can’t perform each rep with good form.

If you’re goal is to do 10 reps, and you can only perform 6 before your form begins to deteriorate, then you’re using too much weight. On the other hand, if you’re trying to do 10 reps but you could probably do 15 with that weight, then you’re not using enough weight.

Now that you know what mistakes to avoid, and how to correct them if you’re currently making them, let’s get started with the exercises.