20 gift ideas for seniors

10 Gift ideas for seniors

Giving gifts to seniors, whether they’re friends, relatives, older parents or grandparents, should be thoughtful and well intentioned…

Seniors have put in years of loving service to their family, friends and communities and have arrived at a special, reflective time of their lives.

So try to make your gift idea for seniors meaningful and special…

All it takes is a little extra thought…

… and with a little effort and a little thought, you’ll find that you can come up with special, thoughtful and meaningful gift ideas, all the time.

Note: See how to “generate gift ideas” on the Hot Gift Idea Guide home page for help getting a gift idea for seniors. 

Here’s 10 gift ideas for seniors to start with… use them any time… birthdays, Christmas, special occasions..

1. Hand crafted gifts

2. Bird watching gifts–bird houses, guide books, binoculars

3. Jewelry, pearls, pocket watches, cuff links

4. Gardening gifts–plants, flowers, garden tools, decor

5. Gourmet food gifts

6. Picture frames

7. Library gifts — hard cover books, globes, fine stationary

8. Gift baskets — chocolates, nuts, candy, wines, cheeses

9. Hobby gifts — trains, crafting, photography, poker

10. Household gifts — tea pots, coffee makers, home decor

20 gift ideas for seniors 

10 Grandparent gift ideas

Gifts don’t have to be big and expensive for your grandparents to like them…

A gift idea for seniors and grandparents can be simple, useful, fun or personal…

… as long as they’re thoughtful.

Here’s 10 gift ideas for grandparents to help you get started…

See if any help…

Note: Hold on to a good gift idea… if you don’t use it now… save it for the next time.

1. Curios, figurines, keepsakes, cameos

2. Ergonomic gifts, massage gifts

3. Golf, tennis, pro shop gifts

4. Fine crystal, china sets, silver service sets

5. Fruit-of-the-month clubs, cookie-of-the-month clubs

6. Fine lace, linen napkins, tablecloths

7. Personalized gifts

8. Activity gifts–beach, pool, picnic, barbecue, patio

9. Herbal teas, scented candles, aromatherapy

10. Engraved gifts

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