(2006) Derek Jeter and Chien-Ming Wang Lose Points for Last Night’s Loss in Oakland, 9-4

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More negative points for last night’s game, people. The Yankees played as ugly a game as possible and were appropriately beaten, 9-4.

Let’s start with the culprit of the key play of the game, when, in the fourth inning, Derek Jeter (-.20) botched a potential double-play grounder and failed to record even one out. This error was most responsible for allowing the A’s to erase a 4-0 deficit and creep to within 4-3, getting back into the game.

But Chien-Ming Wang (-.20) deserves a large share of the responsibility as well. After cruising through the first three innings, Wang blew up about the time Jeter made the fateful error. In other words, Wang did not handle adversity well at all, in fact, making a bad situation worse. He did not even make it through the fifth inning, when, after walking in the tying run (4-4), he was replaced by Tanyon Sturtze.

The A’s broke the 4-4 tie in the eighth inning. Jaret Wright (.-10), who had pitched very well in the sixth and seventh innings, fed the rally, but he was undone by the fielding behind him as well.

Milton Bradley led off the eighth with a towering drive to center field that eluded Johnny Damon’s leaping effort near the wall and wound up being a triple. It was clearly a hit , but I don’t think Damon played it well either. He appeared to have time to race to the wall and, with a well-timed leap, could have caught the ball. However, he either shied away from the wall or misjudged the carry, so he ended up jumping several feet short of the wall and just missed the ball. Far from an easy play, but an important one to be made at that critical juncture in the game. I’m giving him a -.05 because I’m not really sure how hard that play was from watching the TV coverage.

(2006) Derek Jeter and Chien Ming Wang Lose Points for Last Nights Loss in Oakland, 9 4

After Damon’s missed opportunity, Robinson Cano (-.10) misplayed the next grounder into the tie-braking run. Cano would have been given more points for this boot if there had been more than no outs, but the chances are very likely the A’s would have scored anyway (as they did, scoring five runs in the inning). Likewise, Kyle Farnsworth gets -.05 for giving up a three-run double to Frank Thomas. That is a total of -.70 for pitching and defense (and a fair distribution of -.35 for pitching and -.35 for defense).

Alex Rodriguez Showed Poor Offensive Effort

The Yankees did not draw a single walk and struck out 10 times in a generally rather feeble offensive effort. The biggest culprits were Alex Rodriguez (-.10), who fanned twice, hit into a double play, and failed to deliver with one out and the go-ahead run on second base in the eighth inning, and Bernie Williams (-.10), who went 0 for 4 and struck out three times (all looking).

Not helping matters were Jorge Posada (-.05), who left two runners in scoring position when he struck out in the third, and Jason Giambi (-.05), who made the third out in the eighth with the go-ahead run on second base.

In summary, the ugly point distribution was as follows:

Chien-Ming Wang -.20
Derek Jeter -.20
Jaret Wright -.10
Robinson Cano -.10
Alex Rodriguez -.10
Bernie Williams -.10
Johnny Damon -.05
Kyle Farnsworth -.05
Jorge Posada -.05
Jason Giambi -.05

The Yankees are now 1-2 for the season. The points awarded thus far for the season are as follows:

Randy Johnson +.25
Hideki Matsui +.15
Johnny Damon +.05
Alex Rodriguez 0.00
Jorge Posada 0.00
Mike Mussina -.05
Kyle Farsnworth -.05
Jason Giambi -.05
Jaret Wright -.10
Bernie Williams -.10
Gary Sheffield -.15
Derek Jeter -.20
Scott Proctor -.20
Chien-Ming Wang -.20
Robinson Cano -.35

These points add up to -1.00, representing the Yankees current record of one-game-under.500 (1-2).