(2006) Many Yankees Players Contributed in 15-2 Slamming of the A’s

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The new system is immediately tested with a difficult game to grade right off the bat. Randy Johnson pitched 7 strong innings, set the tone early that he was in command, and did not allow Oakland to rally after he was given a 7-0 lead. Could the Yankees have won with a mediocre pitching performance? Probably, but Johnson still earns .25 points (all the points awarded for pitching) for his strong contribution to the victory.The key inning was the third when the Yankees snapped a 0-0 tie and took a 7-0 lead. Everyone who contributed to this rally deserves points: Hideki Matsui (.05), lead off walk; Jorge Posada (.05), walk; Bernie Williams (.10), RBI single; Robinson Cano (.05), bunt single; Johnny Damon, RBI single (.10); Derek Jeter (.05), RBI single; and Alex Rodriguez (.20), grand-slam homer.

(2006) Many Yankees Players Contributed in 15 2 Slamming of the As

In that fateful third inning, Williams and Damon get a little extra credit for knocking in the first two runs, and A-Rod gets the biggest credit for blasting the game’s biggest hit. Later in the game, with the A’s still within striking distance, trailing, 7-1, Jason Giambi (.05) delivered a key run-scoring single, and Matsui (.10) put the game away with a three-run homer.

Recapping, points were awarded as follows:
Johnson (.25)
A-Rod (.20)
Matsui (.15)
Williams (.10)
Damon (.10)
Posada (.05)
Cano (.05)
Jeter (.05)
Giambi (.05)

These points add up to 1.00 and the Yankees are currently +1 game over .500.