3 Dinner Party Games That Provide Entertainment and Laughter

Breaking the Ice

You might need some dinner party games, like these ice breakers,
if you have invited people to your dinner party who don’t yet know each other:


1) Meet people at the door with a tray of drinks in your hand and make sure everyone has one. Maybe serve a Burning Cocktail. Just be careful not to set anyone alight!

2) Invite early guests into the kitchen to “help” with appetizers.

3) Write funny names on name tags and have each guest pull one out of a hat, that is their name for the evening. Examples: Fuzzy, Winkle, Veronica Queen of the Desert, Magee, Handsome Bob, Special Fred.

4) OR, Using name tags again, have guests write down their name and two things that they are looking for. Example: “Judy, I’m looking for a tea pot and a cheap dentist.” or “Sam, I’m looking for a glass of red wine and a football helmet”

5) OR, Using the same name tags and hat, write the names of famous people on the name tags and have each guest draw one out without looking at it. Attach it to their back. Have the other guests talk to them as if they were that person.
6) OR, Before hand, find out an interesting fact about each guest and write all of them on a piece of paper. Hand out copies of the paper to each guest as they arrive. Have everyone try to guess which description fits which guest. Examples could be things like:

  • This guest has traveled to China.
  • This guest likes to wear bow ties.
  • This guest once met a lion in a parking lot.

7) Once Dinner has begun, Insist that guests switch places at the table between courses

8) Serve After Dinner Coffee in a different room.

3 Dinner Party Games That Provide Entertainment and Laughter

Word Games

Dinner Party Games like these can be thought provoking and/or entertaining.

1) Before the party begins, write scenarios on small pieces of paper and tape to the bottom of each guest’s bread plate. Then during a lull in the conversation, ask the guests to turn their plates over and have them answer the questions. You could have each guest answer only his or her question or go around and have everyone answer each question, one at a time. Here are some examples of what to put underneath:

What was the ugliest dog you ever saw?
Tell us about the best thing you ever ate…
Where were you when the year 2000 came in?
Who was the first person you ever kissed?
If you had a million dollars and HAD to spend it in a week, what would you do?
If you could build your dream house anywhere, what would it be like and where would you build it?

2) Categories: The idea here is to have one guest think up a category and everyone in turn has to tell something that fits in the category. Some examples of categories could be:

What you would sell at a garage sale
Things that grow underground
Kinds of Birds
Things you could find in a parking lot
Food you Love
Food you Hate
Movie Stars who are dead
Movie Stars who are alive
Movie Stars who can’t act
Singers who can’t sing

3) Before the party write out phrases or ask your guests to do so soon after they have arrived. Then at an appropriate moment, have the guests pick out a phrase from a hat and either make up a song containing the words or name a song that contains the phrase. If you dare, you could have the guests sing the songs. You could have the guests divided into teams, or just play individually.

4) Have each guest write down a tough or ethical question on a piece of paper. Put them all in a hat. Then each guest must draw one out and answer the question. Some examples might be:

It’s 2:00AM. You’re driving home. There is no one around. You see a bag in the road. You stop to investigate. It contains about 10 pounds of cocaine. What would you do?

You find a backpack with a name and phone number on it. Inside is 100,000 dollars. What would you do?
You are the ruler of a small country in desparate financial trouble. You can save the country if you are exposed as a liar. What would you do?

Purchased Games

There are some truly wonderful dinner party games out there for adults. You might want to try some at your next gathering.

  • Murder Mystery Dinner Games
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Cranium
  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble (better serve alphabet soup with this one)
  • Humbug

Whichever games you play, Have fun!