3 Safety Reminders For Paintball

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Hello there! If you like to keep safe while playing Paintball then you should know a few things about the big GSR, “GSR” stands for Gun Safety Rule.

Here are 3 Safety Reminders that everyone should remember about gun safety and use when they are handling their gun on and off the field:

1: Always keep your marker pointing down! I can’t stress this enough because whenever I go paintballin’ I at least see 7-10 people who are dumb enough to be pointing their guns at other people and pretending to shoot. These idiots would be in a crap load of trouble if it ever accidentally shot! This precation also has a little buddy, its called the SAFETY LOCK!!

2: When you are not in a match, keep your barrel plug in the pit of the barrel to significantly decrease the risk of a misfire. (And you will get kicked out of the park if you don’t have one *wink wink* *nudge nudge*) This will also help your paintballs staying in one place when you

3: Always, and I mean ALWAYS clean your gun on a regular basis, maybe every 2 trips to the field or something, this keeps the barrel and firing gage to be rid of paint getting lodged in places that you cannot reach and will effectively ruin your gun.

3 Safety Reminders For Paintball

Lucky some bastard thought of using safety in paintball or else no one would have eyes left ha ha… but no seriously helmets are good *wink*

Yes, but the actuality of this matter is that all idiots don’t know and/or don’t pay attention to basic gun safety! Right when they rent or hold their gun they feel on top of the world like they can defeat anyone and nothing can touch them (well at least this is how I felt when I got my first marker.) Many dangerous things can happen because even though people will think that just because the ammo is a small pellet that brakes on contact means that it won’t hurt anyone, but oh yea, paintball can kill.