3 Steps To Cleaning Pet Urine

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Good pet urine cleaning products are the pet owners’ biggest ally in the fight to keep a clean home.

How often have you seen this expression on your dog’s face?! If you have pets, you’re going to have to deal with pet messes – it’s as inevitable as that! This is why it is so important to know all about pet urine cleaning products. However, this is a case of easier said than done.

Urine smells and stains are incredibly stubborn and if you can see and smell them, so can your pet. In fact, it’s common knowledge that the sense of smell in cats and dogs is way more developed than ours – therefore, your pet is still attracted to odour that you don’t even know is there!…. and the only way to get rid of them is to use proper pet urine cleaning products.

Why is it so difficult to clean pet urine?

Pet urine is organic – therefore, as it decomposes, it attracts bacteria which causes the smell to become worse. Without the use of good quality pet urine cleaning products, even the smallest patch of urine can leave you wondering where that unhealthy smell is coming from.

Another part of the problem is absorption. As the urine is absorbed into the carpet or upholstery, it spreads. The mark you see on the surface may be much smaller than the stain beneath the surface! So when you are cleaning up a pet urine stain, be sure to clean a larger area than you think you need to — to deal with what has spread beneath the surface.

Yet another part of the problem is the type of foam used in carpet pads, furniture cushions, and other places around the house. The cells that make up this foam can trap pet urine (and other messes) and hold onto it. If you are using liquid pet urine cleaning products, you have to use enough of the liquid to force the urine out of the spaces between the foam cells.

The only way to clean pet urine properly is to clean it thoroughly – using the best possible pet urine cleaning products. There are no short cuts, I’m afraid. However, there is a veritable minefield of pet urine cleaning products out there – what works and what doesn’t?

3 Steps To Cleaning Pet Urine

Well – over the years of having pets, we’ve got a pretty good idea of the pet urine cleaning products that actually work and you’re welcome to benefit from our experience. I think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the ones that work are not necessarily the most expensive ones available.

Come with me – let me help you tackle the problem of which pet urine cleaning products actually work – and spare yourself a lot of time and money in the process!

I’ve broken this procedure into three steps…
Complete these three steps methodically and you are home and dry – quite literally!

So, in our hunt for the perfect pet urine cleaning products ……….. let’s start with -

STEP 1 – Identifying the Problem

If you don’t tackle ALL the stains and odours in your home in one go, your pet will keep marking them – it’s just instinct. Therefore, it is imperative that you find all the offending areas which need cleaning.

One of the first pet urine cleaning products which should buy is the black light. This item isn’t very expensive and it will save you hours and hours of wasted time and effort. I’ve selected the Spot Spotter by Simple Solution- at $17.95, it is inexpensive, but very, very effective. You will be AMAZED – and perhaps a bit horrified – the first time you use one of these and see the number of pet urine stains which you didn’t even know were there.The ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye but can show you pet stains that are months, even years old – stains that other pet urine cleaning products did not work on and that your pet can still see and smell and will thus continue to re-mark.

Use your Spot Spotter to inspect carpeting, furniture, walls, and bedding to find out exactly where the accidents have happened.

Once you know exactly where the stains are, you can clean them more easily using effective pet urine cleaning products.

You can find a black light at most home improvement stores, but not all black lights give off the right spectrum of light. This one that we have selected for you is specifically designed to find pet stains.

Check the carpets, check the furniture, check the walls and drapes, and anywhere else near where you believe your pet has had an accident. You will be surprised at what you find!

STEP 2 – Finding the Right Products

If any traces of the urine scent from an accident remains, your pet may feel strongly encouraged to use the same spot again! Rather than going through this distressing cycle with your pets, you can apply pet urine cleaning products called enzyme neutralizers to the stain. (However, if you happen to miss a spot when using the pet urine cleaning products, your pet may choose to return to that spot to piddle again. This is why a black light will come in very handy!)

Using enzyme neutralizers to eliminate pet urine stains and odors is the most reliable method because enzyme neutralizers chemically interact with the urine to render the bacteria – and thus the smells – inactive. There are several different enzyme neutralizers on the market – and I have reviewed some of the most popular brands for your ease of reference – and to show you that expensive is not necessarily effective!

ODOBAN: This product seems to be effective though it is difficult to get hold of as it seems to be stocked by a limited number of distributors. I have never tried Odoban personally because of a report some years ago which suggested quite strongly that this product had adverse effects on the breeding capabilities of cats – and I won’t run the risk of harming my pets in any way.

STINKYPETS.COM – offer a recipe for making your own enzyme neutralizer. They say it costs less than $0.75, but then go on to charge you anything between £4.99 – $7.99 to download this recipie. Don’t bother! If you really want to give it a go, try mixing 1 quart of hydrogen peroxide with quarter a cup of baking soda and a squirt of washing-up or dishwashing liquid. I really wouldn’t recommend it though – all that stuff is just going to add to the gunk already in your carpet.

PLANETURINE.COM – offer an absorbent powder to do the job. I must say I was attracted by their claims – specially the perceived advantage of not having wet carpets. However, the powder certainly did not absorb all the stain (at least 80% of the wetness was now UNDERNEATH the carpet) – and worse still, it left a sticky mess trapped in the carpet pile. I eventually had to get my carpets professionally cleaned to get rid of it. In view of the fact that the product had been quite expensive in the first place – I was not a happy person!

URINE-OFF.COM – offers a product which has good reviews and seems to work – however, it is a bit expensive at $19.95 for a small 16oz bottle.

URINE-GONE.COM – offers a product which Urine-Off.com suggests is just a cheap rip-off of it’s product. To be quite honest, I’ve never tried it and it doesn’t have any history or reviews to talk about either.

1-2-3ODORFREEKIT.COM – has good reviews – but the kits are very expensive ($60 – $150) compared to the ones I’m about to show you.

Having taken you through that rather depressing list – here is a set of pet urine cleaning products I found – all in one place …… they don’t cost an arm and a leg and they actually work!!

STEP 3 – Finishing off the Job Thoroughly 

You wouldn’t normally include deep cleaning vacuums in a list of pet urine cleaning products – but believe me – they are absolutely indispensable!

A foster dog I had for a month or so had a terrible time sticking to his housetraining. Whether it was due to other dogs that had been in the house or just generally feeling unsettled, Coyote was lifting his leg on just about everything!

I tried an enzyme neutralizer on the urine stains, but it didn’t seem to be enough. Maybe I wasn’t letting the neutralizer work long enough, or perhaps I had diluted it too much (I’m terrible are reading directions!). I was struggling to keep my carpets and upholstry clean anyway – a husband, children and dogs are somewhat of a disadvantage when it comes to having clean carpets! – so I treated myself to a carpet cleaner.

The process was simple enough: spray a cleaner on the pet urine stain (after first find all of them with the spot spotter), wait for it to soak in, then use the vacuum to suck up the liquid and any remaining traces of the mess. For me and Coyote, this one was the winner. After I very thoroughly cleaned the recliner, the corner of my bed, and the carpet, he finally stopped lifting his leg in the house.

If your pets keep going back to the same spots over and over to urinate, you may need a two-step cleaning process like this. The combination of enzyme neutralizer and liquid vacuum may be just the thing to eliminate pet urine entirely.

As usual, we’ve trawled through the various options available and are able to offer you the following four options – all excellent products and all at the best prices available.