3 Thigh Exercises You Can Try

Thigh exercises are tough, no doubt about it. Think about it for a second. What’s harder, a set of squats or a set of curls. But if you thought that they just effect the muscles of the legs, think again.

Because the thighs include the biggest and strongest muscles of the body (quads, hamstrings, glutes) thigh exercises release fat burning, and muscle building hormones better than any other types of exercise.

So if you’re skipping leg training you’re missing out on THE most effective method of building muscle and losing fat that’s legal, and completely natural.

One Legged Squats

Start with one leg on the ball, and one the floor. Keeping your back straight, and your face looking forward, start squatting down until your upper thigh is parallel to the ground. Hold for a split second, and start moving up. When you complete your alotted reps, switch legs and repeat.

Wall Squats

Start with a ball between you and a wall. The ball should be in the middle of your upper back. Lean back into the wall and step lightly forward. Keeping your back straight begin squatting until your upper thighs are parallel with the floor. Hold for a split second and stand up.

3 Thigh Exercises You Can Try

Hamstring Curl Ins

Start by lying on your back, and your arms to either side. Place your legs on the ball. The ball should be about mid calf level. Your butt should now be off the floor and your body should be a straight line from the floor to the ball. Curl the ball in until it is under your butt. Hold for a split second and then straighten your legs out.