3 ways to know you’re living a simple life

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We have read many stories throughout the internet on simple living.

The most interesting stories to us are the ones that are different from our goals.

When we realized the concept is different to everyone we realized others may not know that. So we wanted to tell our story and to have others tell us theirs.

Our goal is to expand what simple living means to everyone and help each other define our own ideal.

We will start with our story.

Our story starts on a Sunday night when Lisa called me and was very unhappy. She was running around like a mad woman trying so hard to catch up for Monday morning. What really struck me hard about the conversation was I felt the same way. I was bone tired and all I had to look forward to was more rushing and weariness in the coming week.

The next day I called Lisa on the phone and said I have decided my life needs simplifying and I will not rest till I figure out how I can do that. She felt the same way and we soon were on a mission to define what simple living would be for us.

It took us a year of study and decision making to find what worked for us and what made us happy. We read books, we talked to people and we scoured the internet for any ideas people had.

3 ways to know youre living a simple life

As we moved toward our goals of a simplified life we have felt so much better. Our goal is to give others a chance to find their place and feel the same way.

Remember our goals are just that ours. But hopefully they spark ideas for you.

Our goals for simple living are:

Time - to have enough time. We wanted to simplify our lives so each day did not rush onward and upward into each other like a carnival ride. We wanted the world to stop so we could get off and enjoy our families. We wanted time to laugh with each other. Know each other. And we really wanted time to know ourselves. We wanted the time to be so bored we had to push our brains to new heights.

Fun - life is hard enough we wanted some fun. Lets face it this old world can be cold and uncaring. We decided we didn’t want to live that way. We refused to rush along with the tide of traffic to consumerism. We want to take the back-roads and see the scenery and yes smell the flowers. We wanted to be able to do some of the things we loved! Like gardening, grow flowers, working with wood, write a book, paint, write poetry, and play with our children.

Inner Peace - We also wanted the inner peace that comes from knowing we are sitting in this world exactly where we want to be sitting. To sit and watch a sunset knowing its the only one like it, and will never be repeated. Even feel a little sad for those who missed it.

These were some of our dreams for simple living. We would love to hear your dreams, goals, and what you have done to make your life simpler. Lets help each other move toward those dreams.