38 Cool Facts About New Hampshire

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I’ve done some digging, and found a lot of interesting NH facts that I didn’t know, so I thought I’d share. These aren’t the kind of NH facts that are going to put you to sleep, they’re actually pretty cool! Did you know?:

New Hampshire has four nicknames:

  • -The commonly used “Granite State” because of our extensive granite formations.
  • -”White mountain state”, for obvious reasons.
  • -”Mother of rivers”. Many of New England’s rivers originate in our mountains.
  • -”Switzerland of America” because of our beautiful mountain scenery.
  • I’ve never heard the last two phrases used to describe New Hampshire, but someone, somewhere has!

Interesting Info:

  • -The state’s population is over 1/4 million with about 1/10 living in Manchester.
  • -Of course you know that Concord is the state’s capitol. Did you know that Concord is the third largest city in NH? Manchester is the biggest, followed by Nashua, then Concord. In most states, the capitol city is the largest.
  • -The state’s motto, “live free or die”, was written on July, 31 1809 by the legendary General John Stark. We didn’t adopt it until 1945 though.
  • - The state seal was first created in 1775. It was revised in 1784 + 1931. The boat on the seal is an honored warship called the Raleigh. It was built in Portsmouth and was the first ship ever to sail into battle carrying the American flag. It’s described as “frigate” which means fast sailing ship of war.
  • - The state flag was adopted in 1909. It has only been changed once, in 1931, when the seal was modified.

38 Cool Facts About New Hampshire

NH State Symbols:

  • -State Amphibian: The red spotted newt. Adopted in 1985
  • -State Animal: The white tailed deer. Adopted in 1983
  • -State Bird: The purple finch. Adopted in 1957
  • -State Butterfly: Karner blue. Adopted in 1992
  • -State Flower: The purple lilac. Adopted in 1919
  • -State Freshwater Game Fish: Brook trout. Adopted in 1994
  • -State Gem: Smokey Quartz. Adopted in 1985
  • -State Insect: The ladybug. Adopted in 1977
  • -State Mineral: Beryl. Adopted in 1985
  • -State Rock: Granite. Adopted in 1985
  • -State Saltwater Game Fish: Striped bass. Adopted in 1994
  • -State Sport: Skiing. Adopted in 1998
  • -State Tartan: Adopted in 1995
  • -State Tree: The white birch. Adopted in 1947
  • -State Wildflower: Pink ladyslipper. Adopted in 1990


  • -The total area of the state is 9,304 sq miles. 9,027 of those sq miles are land and 277 are inland water.
  • -New Hampshire has 1,300 lakes/ponds and about 40 rivers. Water makes up a total of 41,800 miles.
  • -Practically every part of the state is in sight of , and identifies itself to some peak.
  • -The highest peak in NH, at 6,288 feet, is Mount Washington. It’s also the highest peak in the Northeastern United States. Mt. Washington is part of the Appalachian Mountain Range, which extends from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. The highest peak in the whole range is Mt Mitchell, which only rises 396 feet higher than Mt Washington.
  • -The word “notch” refers to a break in a mountain chain. The notches in the White Mountains break up the Appalachian Mountain range. The word came from the early settlers who noticed that the grooves in the mountains were the same shape as the grooves they cut in logs when building log homes. They had named the grooves in the wood “notches” so why not?
  • - (Very interesting NH fact) Almost 400 covered bridges once stood in New Hampshire. There are still over 60 left! I’ve got each one listed by town if you want to take a look.
  • - (Very interesting NH fact) NH is also home to over 100 waterfalls. I’ve got a list of most of those too, if you want to plan your next day trip.

38 Cool Facts About New Hampshire

38 Cool Facts About New Hampshire

New Hampshire History:

  • -NH was first explored in 1603 by a man named Martin Pring.
  • -In 1629 NH was named after Hampshire, England by it’s founder, Captain John Mason.
  • -In 1741 NH was appointed it’s first governor, Benning Wentworth. Before that, it was one man’s job to govern Mass and NH. Wentworth lasted as governor until 1766.
  • -NH was the first colony to declare it’s independence from England and establish it’s own government in 1776.
  • -NH adopted it’s constitution in 1784 which makes it the second oldest in the country.
  • -NH became the 9th state, by ratifying the constitution on June 21, 1788.