4 Captain Hook’s Pirate Party Games

Red Beard once told told me, “Aaaaarrrr…ya gotta play pirate party games if ya wanna keep little pirates happy!”

There are many ways to create the perfect pirate party!!!

Let’s start with the decorations!

-Outdoors is preferable!

-Create large pirate ships out of refrigerator boxes, a utility knife, clear packing tape, markers, a dowel and a black piece of fabric for the flag.–It isn’t very hard…just start cutting and taping until it resembles a ship! Make one entrance for the kids and then it is all good! Top it off by flying the black pirate flag.

-Fill black balloons with pirate booty…one item in each balloon, (chocolate coins, black rubber balls, small kaleidoscopes, etc. Anything that you can squeeze in the balloon opening!) Then blow up, attach a string to on end and then hang from trees. These will be used for the Balloon Stomp Game.

The transformation room

An awesome tool in your theme party toolbox! It will really set the mood, generate massive imagination in your guests and does not have to be costly. Playing pirate party games, dressed as an actual pirate is SO much more fun!

You can create a transformation room out of an actual room in your house, or outside, with sheets. (preferably black, but who has black sheets on hand?!) Use trees, walls, or other existing objects to drape the sheets over.

4 Captain Hooks Pirate Party Games

Your guests will enter as themselves and leave as a crazy one eyed pirate, thanks to the dressing tables, costumes and make-up.(Thrift stores are the place to find awesome costumes at low prices. make-up can be purchased at any Walgreen’s, costume shop or online)

You can easily add a craft activity by setting up a table for decorating an eye patch, use gems, glitter, glue, etc. and have each pirate make his or her eye patch to wear. (They can also create and decorate swords, jewelry, loot bags to be hung by their belts, etc.)

Here are some pirate party games to use for great pirate fun!

1.) Balloon Stomp Game

-Tie one balloon to one ankle of each guest.

-Let the music play. -

The object of the game is to stomp everyone’s balloon to reveal the booty inside.

-The winner is the last person with a balloon still intact!

2.) Water Balloon Toss

-Everyone loves this one!

-Buy small balloons and fill with water. have loads of them on hand as they are always a favorite item to have on a ship!

-The guests pair up and form two lines, facing each other.

-At the sound of “AAARRRGGH!” begin to toss!

-Each successful toss requires the team members to take one step backwards, creating a farther distance between the partners.

-Which ever team makes it the farthest, without breaking their balloon, wins!

3.) Going Fishin’

This is a treat to eat and an activity all in one!

-Make a large bowl of blue Jello!

-Before the Jello sets, pour in the fish!–Swedish fish or gummy fish…lots of them!

-Let it set before the party begins so it’s ready when you need it!

-Line up the pirates and place a blindfold on the fisher-pirate!

-They each get one, two, or three attempts at the fishin’ hole to scoop out some Jello, with a large spoon, into their bowl. (Decide beforehand on the number of tries!)

-The pirate with the most fish in the end, wins!

4.) Treasure Hunt

There are no pirate party games if there is no treasure hunt!

Create simple treasure maps, one for each guest, if possible, using brown paper grocery bags, black, yellow and red crayons.

-Using the layout of the area the party will be held in, draw a VERY simple map leading to a treasure that is hidden. (Do the drawing and hiding before the party begins!)

-Obstacles in the yard (if that is where the party will be) can be drawn as clues on the map…(trees, benches, fountains, doghouse, big rock, etc.)

-Use a dotted line for the path and of course “X” always marks the spot!