4 Drills That Will Enhance Your Tennis Skills

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This workout is crucial to stay in shape and to help play competitive singles or doubles. Now, I have heard that professional tennis players don’t usually follow any specific training program. They may do drills or some random weightlifting however, most of them do whatever they want.

This tennis workout is a great way to improve fitness, stay healthy and to help keep better conditioned for your next tennis game. To be ready for the game you need flexibility, strength, endurance, power, agility and speed to stay ahead.

Drill 1 – Speed

1.Facing the net, sideways shuffle — start on the serve line at the “T” with one foot on either side of the line.

2. Shuffle along the serve line touching one of the sidelines, then shuffle to the opposite sideline and return to the starting position in the center of the court.

Drill 2 – Agility

1. Create a hexagon on the ground using tape, make it with six 24″ sides with 120-degree angles.

2. Stand in the middle of the hexagon & jump forward over the tape and back into the hexagon.

3. Jump over the next side and back to the middle, repeating for each side.

4. Continue jumping over all six sides and back to the middle each time, completing three full revolutions of the hexagon.

4 Drills That Will Enhance Your Tennis Skills

Drill 3 – Ball Toss

1. Hold a medicine ball overhead; stand facing forward in front of a line.

2. Toss the ball as far as possible from an overhead position taking only one step, don’t cross the line.

3. Measure the distance from the line to where the ball landed.

Drill 4 – Jump

1. Jump with your side facing the wall with your left or right arm extended touch as high as you can.

2. Have someone mark the spot.

3. Put chalk on your fingers.

4. Standing with your side facing the wall reach as high as you can.

5. Measure the difference between your standing reach and the highest point of your jump.

You should work to slight muscle failure during this tennis workout. Don’t perform these tennis exercises just prior to playing. Don’t over-train. Give your body at least one full day of rest during the week. Stay hydrated. Drink water before, during and after your workouts and matches. Proper hydration also helps prevent heat illness, which is common during the summer.

Take creatine to help you keep your speed and endurance, it’s not a bad idea to also take some kind of protein supplement to help boost your overall strength and recovery. So remember to use this basic tennis workout to improve your performance in games.