4 tips for learning advanced piano techniques

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Advanced piano techniques usually consists of very rapid movement, but it does not have to be transcendental to be a great piece. Just use the full features of piano. Difficulty, Sound Quality, Creativity and Possibility are the main four things you must think about.


Difficulty can mean two things for piano writing. How difficult the piece sounds, and how difficult it is practically. Some great piano pieces can sound very difficult without giving the pianist such a hard time. Of course the majority of advanced piano writing are both difficult to play and sounds difficult.

Sound Quality:

Although the piano has only one sound texture, different combinations of notes can change the texture. Rachmaninoff’s Prelude in C sharp minor is a very good example.


Writing like Mozart could be creative, but it wouldn’t be as creative as writing a piece in your style. Creativity = Something new or something very ingenious made from earlier ideas.

4 tips for learning advanced piano techniques


Can it be played? If it is physically and practically impossible for a pianist to play (not because of their skill), not many people will play your pieces, and that means nobody will hear your pieces.

Remember those things. These aspects of composition will help you thoroughly as you get deeper into piano composition writing.