4 Ways To Get Celebrity Autographs

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The biggest thrill for fans, autograph collectors and hobbyists is getting free autographs of famous people.

And, it’s no secret that celebrity autograph collecting is a hugely popular hobby because the exciting celebrity scene is an exhilarating high that many people desire to experience!

Obviously, getting a free autograph photo requires more effort on your part then it takes to simply buy a quality celebrity photo or celebrity poster. But, like autograph collectors already know, owning unique celebrity autographs is much more than exciting…

…Free autograph collecting can be profitable for you as well!

Therefore, autograph collecting is definitely worth your time and effort — and now your time and effort is almost zero.

Why? Because all the time consuming (but valuable) research has already been done for you!

Here you’ll discover the top celebrity autograph methods including the best free autograph collecting technique for getting free autographs from multiple celebrities.

4 Ways To Get Celebrity Autographs

Top Four Ways To Get Celebrity Autographs:

1). Meet the celebrity in person.

We would all love to meet our favorite celebrities and get their autographs in person — but, in reality, the odds of this happening is extremely slim. And, even if you do meet a celebrity in person you’ll have to hope they have the time — or that they are “in the mood” to give you an autograph!

2). Buy from a respected autograph dealer.

Most dealers sell certified autographs starting at $50 and more — which can get very expensive! But buying from an autograph dealer may be your only solution for getting those “hard to get” celebrity autographs.

3). Buy online at Ebay.

At Ebay you’ll find autograph sellers that you can buy from. Autograph photos can range anywhere from only a few dollars to $30 and more.

But, you must be aware that you may be getting a “Pre-print Autographed Photo Taken From The Original” instead of the “original” autographed photo, which may, or may not fit your needs. So, do a little research to determine exactly what you’ll be getting from the Ebay seller before you buy.

4). Send a request by mail.

For many fans, sending a request by mail for an autographed photo provides the perfect solution for getting free autographs. It’s a sure way to guarantee authenticity and you could even get a nice response back from a celebrity!