40th Birthday Invitations

Birthday invitations are important especially 40th birthday invitations. Since turning 40 is such a milestone, it’s important to make all aspects of the party special, even the invites.

With today’s technology there are some choices on what kind of invitations to send out. You can send e-vites, or simply an email message or you could stick with the old standby; snail mail invites.

Our suggestion is to use all three methods. Sending out emails or evites isn’t enough, you really need to put out the extra effort and send out paper birthday invitations.

Of course the emails and invites are much easier, but this is a special event and guests would be more apt to realize it’s a special event if they get a birthday invitation in the mail. Of course the exception to the rule is if it’s a surprise party. You don’t want to tip your hand to the birthday person.

40th Birthday Invitations

The Perfect Invitation

The 40th birthday invitation should have all the information the guest will need for the party.

  • Who the party is for (Sounds stupid, but you’d be surprised)
  • Directions to the party
  • Time it starts and approximate end time (end time optional)
  • What to wear. If it’s a tuxedo party or a costume party the guest needs to know. Also let guests know if the party’s outside.
  • What to bring. Is it a pot luck? Should they bring gifts, alcohol, gags, or simply a card.
  • Will there be dinner or appetisers?

Write something in the invitation like this:

Come celebrate Bob’s 40th birthday with us on March 4th, 6pm at blah blah drive. Dance drink and dine while dressed casually on the deck. Bring your favorite Bob stories and gag gifts, we’ll provide the food and spirits. Attached is a google map of party location. Please RSVP to Jenn at 740-7777, or email me at jenn@e-mail.com. Please respond before March 2nd so I’ll be sure to have enough Lobster and Beer.

This is just a sample but it reads smoother than a bulleted list.

Make the Invitation Nice

Don’t just send out the cheapest birthday invitation card you can find. Search for something classy that’ll get noticed.

There are tons of options for inexpensive but nice invite cards.

Also be sure to have an RSVP. Like the sample above, give them options, either an email address, or a phone number.

You’ll find that most people will respond via e-mail these days. It’s easy and convenient so give them the option.

No matter how vigilant you are about sending out 40th birthday invitations, though don’t expect to get RSVPs from everybody. Do expect more people to show up than actually respond…provide for at least an extra couple or two.

Birthday invitations need to be sent out at least a week before the event, two weeks is better. Be sure to think ahead on this. If you wait until the last minute your turnout will be dismal and your party won’t be all it could have been.

Invitations are essential for any birthday party, but become especially important for a milestone birthday like the 40th. Go all out and put some time and effort into making your 40th birthday invitations perfect.