40th birthday music

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A key component to a successful 40th birthday party is having the correct 40th birthday music.

It’s okay to have a simple stereo playing in the corner. However, it’s not okay to have it blaring the radio. Who wants to listen to commercials when you could totally customise what you listen to?

You’ve put a lot of effort into planning the 40th birthday; so don’t let the music lapse into mediocrity.

Burn a 40th Birthday Music CD

To make sure your 40th birthday music is right on, don’t take any chances. Sit down at your computer and start downloading some music you know the birthday person will enjoy.

Songs aren’t free to download, but they aren’t expensive. When you have a good assortment of songs to choose from, burn them onto a CD.

A couple of CDs can hold a ton of music. If your stereo has a disc changer, just put em all in and hit shuffle. You’re good to go.

If you own an ipod, it’s even easier.

40th birthday music

Theme Music

If your 40th birthday party has a theme, find music that fits the theme. It doesn’t all have to be theme specific, but there should be songs interspersed which help carry it.

The easiest theme to pick music for is a generation of music. Someone turning 40 this year was born in 1968. They were in high school in the mid to late 1980s.

Fill CDs with 80s music. This is sure to bring back all sorts of memories for everyone who was in high school in that time period.

It’s fun to watch as people hear songs they haven’t heard in years and start dancing just the way they did when they were 16. You’ll probably notice their moves don’t look much better at 40.

Is a Live Band Worth It?

If you can afford it, a live band is a great idea for 40th birthday music. There’s not much better than dancing to good live music. Of course the optimum word is good.

Be sure to audition a few bands. Taking recommendations from friends may be enough, but be sure you have the same taste in music.

During the audition ask them if they can play certain songs you want played. If they don’t know the song they can usually figure them out before the party.

It’s also a good idea to choose bands that are a bit older. Having young people playing to a bunch of 40 year olds can get awkward.

The young kites haven’t lived life yet…get someone with your same experience. They’re music will sound a lot better with that extra ripening.

Be sure to understand that having a live band does change the flavour of your party. The band will become the focus of the party. If you want to be more interactive, maybe having a band isn’t the best idea.

The nice thing about a live band, besides the obvious, is it provides a great spot for toasting. The microphone and speakers assures that everyone hears what’s being said.

Karaoke’s a Fun option

Renting or buying a karaoke machine is a fun idea for 40th birthday music. Of course the whole thing doesn’t need to be karaoke, but having it as an option can lead to some hysterically funny scenes.

There are karaoke services that’ll set the whole thing up for you and act as DJs, desperately trying to make you sound good…they’ve got tough jobs!

If you plan on using a karaoke machine more than once, say for a Christmas party, it may be worth spending a little money and buying a portable karaoke machine. You may find yourself using it a lot more than you ever intended.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure your 40th birthday music is upbeat and fits the situation. The music will be playing in the background for most of the party. Make sure it’s not annoying. Let it add to the party not detract.

One last piece of advice: play music the birthday person enjoys. If they don’t like country, don’t play country.