5 Engagement Proposal Ideas

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Reading someone else’s real life “popping the question” stories will also go a long way to encourage you to make your marriage proposal romantic, relaxed and straight from the heart.

A new take on trusted clichéd favorites is an excellent way to achieve a difficult proposal and make her dreams come true. As already discussed in the romantic wedding proposals article you need to make a believable excuse to “get romantic” work successfully in your favor (e.g. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire at Christmas).

Once you’ve set the backdrop to ooze romance there’s a  need to execute the surprise before she starts to anticipate what’s going to happen next. Don’t burst the bubble by giving the game away too soon or by having a completely transparent plan from the outset.

Females are from Venus and have fine tuned radar sensor arrays to spot the obvious. A disappointing see-through marriage proposal should be avoided at all costs. Be yourself and focus her attention on everyday “normality” in your chosen romantic setting and then spring the surprise that will knock her over when she’s least expecting it.

Engagement proposal ideas should reflect who you are and what she means to you. Don’t try and act like a hopeless romantic if you’re not.

We’ve compiled a few general engagement proposal ideas to kick start your creative juices. How you choose the venue and how you execute your idea is up you, we just want to give you the spark.

5 Engagement Proposal Ideas

Engagement Proposal Ideas #1 – Food For Thought

Write your “Will you marry me?” proposal on a small piece of paper that can be hidden/ incorporated in to food and drinks.

Don’t put an exposed diamond engagement ring in a drink or a food item just in case she swallows it, the paper message will be enough to surprise her, have the ring handy for when she does find your marriage proposal.

Here are some brief examples to highlight these kind of engagement proposal ideas and should offer some inspiration. You need to use non-toxic waterproof ink and strong paper.

  • Fold a brightly colored small proposal note and freeze it into a transparent ice cube that can be served in a drink before/after a romantic meal for two…..
  • Have your love note baked into an individual cake or somehow have it incorporated into a dessert that can accompany a romantic meal or be part of a romantic picnic, make sure your note is large enough to be noticed straight away and not eaten by mistake…..
  • Have your local hand made confectionery store seal your proposal note inside a hollow chocolate heart, or chocolate Easter bunny/ egg. Make sure it’s her favorite kind of eating chocolate and actively encourage her to bite into it and discover your proposal….

Engagement Proposal Ideas #2 – The Game

You’ll only successfully pull these kind of engagement proposal ideas off if you’ve proved yourself as a hopeless romantic in the past. If not, you’re going to spoil the surprise because you’ll need to act too far out of character to keep your marriage proposal a surprise or appear sincere.

  • The treasure hunt is part of this grouping. What you do is leave a trail of none too specific notes that lead to the last but specific “Marry Me” proposal. You can use poems or clues to the location of the next note. Use your imagination but don’t make it way too obvious what you’re leading up to. The notes don’t have to be just paper, you can use arrows, flowers or everyday objects (with the notes attached) left in unusual places….
  • A popular game is a jigsaw puzzle that doesn’t make too much sense until the last pieces are inserted. Then the whole jigsaw will make sense and spell out your proposal. You can have these jigsaws specially made or you could paint your own design over a small child’s jigsaw that you already have. Make it into more of a game by hiding or wrapping the individual pieces…..
  • Take her on a romantic fishing trip for two on a relaxed rowing boat excursion. Fix it somehow so that she excitedly reels in your romantic proposal thinking that she’s caught a fish…..

Engagement proposal ideas that are part of a game can be difficult to accomplish successfully. Only you know your partner well enough to decide if this is a good idea or not.

Engagement Proposal Ideas #3 – Go Public

Of all the engagement proposal ideas these are the most difficult to achieve. You have to make sure the secret stays safe, you have to plan the whole thing meticulously, you have to rely on other people to play their part and you have to make sure she’s happily overwhelmed rather than completely embarrassed by the whole experience. Picking a romantic setting will be difficult, it’s the whole experience that should become the focal romantic point. This will only come to fruition once the surprise has been sprung.

  • Propose with a specially “doctored” Christmas cracker containing your proposal on Christmas day in front of all her assembled family….
  • Make a big display in front of her work colleagues at her place of employment by draping a huge “will you marry me?”  banner in full view outside her office window. Use a loud hailer (or similar attention grabbing loud noise) to get her (and everyone else’s) attention…..
  • Propose to her over a public address system in a busy environment such as a family birthday party, in a shopping mall, at a karaoke bar etc….
  • Use your profession or your contacts to arrange something out of the ordinary. For example turn up at her house, workplace etc.. in a bright red fire engine with all lights and sirens blazing….
  • Create a diversion that’s not what it first appears. For example you could take her to the theatre to see a show. You need to arrive early and find an excuse to leave your seat then secretly make your way backstage. Then you could appear onstage before the show begins and propose to her in front of the entire assembled audience….

Engagement Proposal Ideas #4 – Get The Help Of Mother Nature

Engagement proposal ideas that involve scenic locations are by default ready made romantic settings.

  • On a reasonably steep snow covered slope spell out your proposal in the snow where it can be seen from afar. Make sure she knows it’s specifically intended for her by dropping hints just before it comes into her line of sight….
  • Take her on a picnic to a private beauty spot that’s been previously bedecked in romantic flowers, cushions and other romantic home comforts. Make sure it’s not visible from afar and that it’s only noticeable when you arrive at the exact spot…..
  • Have your proposal spelled out in large letters on the ground that can be seen from the sky in a hot air balloon or helicopter e.t.c….. Or have your message sky written so that it can be seen from the ground…
  • Take her for a romantic city stroll after dark and have your proposal flashed up on a large electronic billboard in her direct line of sight…

Engagement Proposal Ideas #5 – Go Historical (Not Hysterical)

Engagement proposal ideas that involve romantic moments from your past history as a couple should definitely be looked into. Intense memorable moments or places/ buildings that are special to both of you is where you should start.

  • Look through your photographs and pick out the photo’s of memorable places & events that you both shared. Compile a scrapbook and include other items that have been part of your special moments. On the very last page write your marriage proposal. Present the scrapbook to your intended and read through it with her and remind her of all the good times you’ve spent together….
  • Take her to the place where you first met or had your first date. If something memorable and significant happened (it doesn’t matter how small), gently remind her about it on the way there. After you’ve arrived at the right location try and recreate the moment before dropping to one knee and proposing….
  • Recreate a memorable date that you both went on right down to the last detail. Once the events begin to unfold and become familiar to her, pick a suitably significant moment to get down on one knee.