5 Fantastic Snowboard Stretches… Keep You Body Happy

Often after a days boarding you’ll find you’re legs are stiff, you’re body hurts with every movement, and you’re neck feels like it one looks forward and doesnt want to stretch… basically you feel like you need a new body.

To prevent this, and even before you get on the snow for the day, or on your lunch break, take time to stretch out you’re muscles… it will make things much more worth while in the long run, as pain wont be as much of issue.


These are a great exercise to do to start getting you thys and bottom ready for a bit of a stretch and get those muscles use to a bit of exercise before a days riding.


These are excellent… when boarding you’ll find you are in a similar stance try to hold squats for a bit longer each day you try them, this will be great for boarding and you’ll also notice you’re legs toning up BONUS.

5 Fantastic Snowboard Stretches... Keep You Body Happy

Wall sits

Yet another leg exercise that will be great at strenthening those muscles. Sit up agaist a wall with legs at 90 degree angle bent as if sittin on a chair, see how long you can hold this for… remember shaking means its working. WORK THOSE LEGS!


One thing I have really found helps me with my control, and keep my muscles ready for a days boarding is Pilates, its good as it trains you to strengthen your core, with helps with steering and balance, and you will be surprised what a difference it makes to your recovery time, and flexibility. The best thing is all you have to do is lie on the floor and once you are there its easy!

Swiss Ball

Another Good way to Work on that core strength is with a swiss ball they are a heap of fun… I am sitting on mine as I type this article, and the best thing is you can work almost every muscle, by varying your stance, position and the way you hold your ball, or team it up with other fitness equipment.

Those are really some great Snowboard Stretches.