5 Things To Look For In Snowboard Jacket

A Snowboard Jacket is no longer the bulky uncomfortable monstrosities of the past, or not so stylish jumpsuit. In the past people have taken to the mountain with puffy bulky down filled jackets, which were warm, but did not really suit the snow, its moisture and active movements when skiing or snowboarding. But technology is now on our side, and jackets are style and innovative to suit these harsh conditions.

New materials have seen he ability to make jackets breathable, light weight, compact, and warmer even when its wet, they survive wear and tear a lot better, and best thing is there all size, shape color and sizes, to suit everyone. Form and function is defiantly put into practice in the waterproofing, wind proofing and breath ability of these jackets, while still maintaining new and fashionable styles.


Waterproofing is a major development, giving snowboard clothing so much more flexibility and wear ability, and the major development in this is the ability for the material to breath, so that heat can be retained as sweat does not make the clothing wet, So this water proofing helps your retain heat much not moisture. Waterproofing is now measured by how by how many centimeters of water can rest on top of the material before leaking through. The best fabrics can support tens of meters of water before leaking!

Waterproofing is also more then just types of fabric, you have to consider things like zippers stitching and pockets, a good Snowboard Jacket will take these things into consideration, with extra features built in but not always visible. For instance, Seams should be sealed with waterproof tape, and the zipper should be covered, the inner layer of the jacket should not have to absorb water.

5 Things To Look For In Snowboard Jacket

Wind proofing

Wind proofing is not considered as important ans water proofing and seems to becoming a thing of the past, but it does have a direct effect on how quickly you loose body heat, but is not an issue if you have a highly waterproof Snowboard Jacket. A jacket that can with stand a column of water tens of meters high is wind proof. The only time wind proofing is an issue is if your jacket is either entirely fleece or not fully waterproof, so go waterproof and protect yourself against both, it may cost a lot better but will make you more comfortable in those harsh conditions.

Breath ability

This has a direct effect on your ability to deal with sweat and moisture. Heat soon translates into sweat when we board, and sweat can make us wet and cold, so we need to layer up clothing to deal with sweat. The purpose of the first layer is to pull the moisture away from our skin but it must go somewhere. Breathable material lets moisture escape and good material doesn’t allow moisture in, this can be achieved with tiny holes in the material small enough to let sweat out, but not big enough o let large water drops in. waterproof.


When looking at snowboard jackets you may want to consider something called a shell, A special purpose adaptation of the snowboard jacket, which is intended for those in a mild climate, or who are not bother4d by the cold, the shell is a stripped down version of a full snowboard jacket, providing wind and water protection but not as much, and minimal climate protection. A shell is intended for warmer climates and for riders who have their own insulating layers and do not require as much waterproofing.

Which to choose

Well look at what you need, want and can afford, consider things like removable hoods, over sized pockets for things like wallets drinks and food and lift passes, look at cooling vents, waterproofing, waist pull cords, and reflective panels for night riding, Thing about snow guards around the waist and sleeves stopping snow from getting in. And then there’s Style and color. Consider these and you will get the jacket that’s right for you, and then you can move on to some Great riding.