5 Tips To Care Better For Your Snowboard During The Off-Season

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So the Snowboard season ends, and you shove your board in the garage or under your bed, Out of sight out of mind right…WRONG. If you take a few measures at the end of the season, it will make that first day snowboarding next season a lot easier. So here’s what you have to do.

1.) Clean You Base

Boarding for a whole season can build up a lot of dirt and muck, so a board cleaner can be a great idea to get rid of any thing nasty and get your board in tip top shape for the next season. Slushy snow at the end of the season can be full of mud and harsh to the base of your board, so after you clean up, it is also a good idea to follow with a hot wax.

A good cleaner will take off the dirt along with all the dead wax, and good citrus cleaners not only do wonders for your board, they smell alright to. All you need is your board cleaner and a rag, and you can go to it. Dab the cleaner and start to scrub, and you will notice difference in no time, then your ready to wax.

2.) Check your edges for any damages and dullness.

The next thing on your list is to examine your base and edges, making sure you tend to any areas which have been damaged. Your board edges may be dulled, so you can get a file or a stone to sharpen them up, or even take them to your local board shop to get sharpened. Any minor scratches on the base of your board can be repaired with p-tex, which you can find at your local board shop in most board repair kits, you can also request a service at some mountains and have this done.

5 Tips To Care Better For Your Snowboard During The Off Season

Most board shops offer a tune up service, if this all seems to hard for you, they can repair damage and get your board good as new, and lets face it, professionals know what they are doing. However you go about it, the aim of the game is to get your board in tiptop condition for next season.

3.) Waxing your snowboard

Anyone can wax their board, simply using an iron, some wax and a scraper. You can pick Irons up cheap at a second hand store, or buy one made specifically for waxing snowboards. As your only waxing your board for storage there is no need to worry too much about what wax type you use.

You may want to skip the scraping stage of waxing to keep your board protected for the summer months, and scrape it in winter, this will help prevent rusting and drying out.

Or if this does not sound like you, you can go to most board shops and get a hot wax done, some even offer end of season deals. Which is great for Snowboard storage.

4.) Write down Your Binding Placement

It is not a necessity to remove your bindings from your board to store it, but many people do because it can make storage much easier. Some people even loosen straps and bindings so they are not putting pressure on the inserts, if this is done be sure to remember to tighten everything up before you hit the mountain again.

If you decide to move our bindings, take down the details of your stance, because there is nothing worse then removing them and not remembering where they are suppose to go a few months later. It may even help to make a mark on your board, with tape of stickers and write the front and rear stance angels, and which hole on the base plate you use. This will save you heaps of time next season if you haven’t got the best memory. Go Snowboard storage.

5.) Snowboard storage

Where ever you decide to put you board the main idea is to not squash your board under any heavy objects of materials, doing so can effect your board and its performance. Its also a good idea to keep you board out of the sun.

A board bag can be a great investment, as they not only work great for Snowboard storage, but also protect the board when traveling, and even have room usually for more then one board.