5 Top Hook Manufacturers

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Let’s take a look at several of the major hook manufacturers

1. Mustad

These hooks are very affordable and offer the fly tyer a wide variety of styles to choose from.   This hook maker has been around a long time and has been referred to as the hook that set the industry standard.   I know that I personally tied on Mustad hooks from the late 70′s to early 90′s before I started trying some new hooks.   I don’t use these any more because I have discovered some hooks that I like better…especially for rotary fly tying.

* Primary Dry Fly 94840/94845
* Primary Nymph 3906/3906B

2. Tiemco (TMC)

These are considered premium hooks and are made in Japan.   They are made of very strong flawlessly finished tempered steel and have very tightly closed hook eyes.   These have been my primary choice of hooks for about the last 5 years.   TMC hooks are very sharp and durable.   I have flies that I tied several years ago that are still just as fishable today as when I tied them.  Only drawback is they are a bit on the expensive side.

* Primary Dry Fly TMC 100/100BL (Barbless)
* Primary Nymph TMC 3761/3661BL

5 Top Hook Manufacturers

3. Dai-Riki

Another premium hook made in Japan.   I have just recently started using these hooks for flies other than streamers so I can’t really provide a good evaluation.   However, at the vise they also appear to be well formed with tightly closed eyes.   As I get some time on the water I will provide feedback to this hook’s performance.   It does come highly recommended from my local fly shop as a good quality hook with a smaller price tag than the TMCs.

* Primary Dry Fly #300
* Primary Nymph #060

4. Daiichi

High carbon steel premium hook made in Japan.   This hook is touted by my friends at Feather-Craft® Fly Shop as the best hook on the market.   I intend to try out these hooks as soon as I am done evaluating the Dai-Riki hooks.   Keep an eye out for my comments!

* Primary Dry Fly 1100/1110 Called “big eye” hooks…an “Over-Sized” eye to make threading onto tippet easier
* Primary Nymph 1560

5. Targus

Premium hook that offers the fly tyer unusual quality and value.  These hooks are produced by one of Japan’s oldest hook makers and are made from high strength alloy steel with an immaculate finish.  Targus hooks have tightly clean closed eyes (great for Rotary tying) with a micro barb.   An excellent hook and at a substantial savings.  Notice that the numbering is the same as TMC!

Many of my recent flies are tied on Targus hooks and I have fished them heavily.  I have been very happy with their performance.   The hook provides outstanding hook setting strength and the points stay sharp for days of fishing…that is if you don’t hook a tree or hit the rocks with it!

* Primary Dry Fly TAR 100/101
* Primary Nymph TAR 3761