5 Wedding Proposal Ideas

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Taking a look at someone else’s wedding proposal ideas is a great way to get some invaluable tips for developing your own ideas whilst avoiding any associated pitfalls.

Examining someone else’s “pop the question” marriage proposal stories will help give you the incentive to be romantic, relaxed and to tell it from the heart.

A new twist on the old clichéd favorites is a good way of carrying off a fairly difficult marriage proposal but an excuse to get romantic is what’s really needed to set the scene.

Most men aren’t very romantic in everyday life so pretending to be romantic without the proper excuse will result in a heightened level of female suspicion and intuition.

Once you have the right setting and ambiance to frame the proposal it’s advisable to spring the surprise before there’s an anticipation for what’s going to happen next. As previously discussed in other article’s don’t spoil the surprise by making your plans too transparent. Engagement’s are the stuff of dreams and should not be an anti climax.

Just be yourself and act “normal” for the situation and the surroundings and just when she’s least expecting it, unleash your romantic wedding proposal and bowl her off her feet. Wedding proposal ideas ought to be a reflection of who you both are and how much she means to you. Take a look at some of the wedding proposal ideas we’ve compiled.

Remember they are written to inspire you only. How you set, time and carry out your proposal is up to you. Getting bogged down with a step by step instruction manual will bore you to death and will remove the creativity aspect from your ideas.

5 Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Ideas * 1

Play A little Game – You might need to be a hopeless romantic to keep the element of surprise intact if you’re going to play a romantic game. Otherwise you might find yourself acting way too out of character to pull these kind of proposals off successfully.

  • Leave a romantic trail that leads to your marriage proposal (the treasure). You could leave notes or objects pointing the way, or you could even leave the clues in specific locations that you know that she’s going to visit during that day. Don’t let her guess what’s going to happen next.
  • A more clichéd approach is the proposal jigsaw puzzle. The completed puzzle spells out your marriage proposal and it doesn’t need to be a 1000 piece puzzle! A simple 10/15 piece child’s type puzzle is sufficient. You could paint over an existing puzzle or buy one ready made. Hiding / wrapping the separate pieces makes it more fun and this type of proposal works well at Christmas/ Birthdays. Just make sure that only inserting the last piece will make the whole thing make sense.
  • Another popular game is to take her on a fishing trip. It helps if you’ve taken her fishing before and know what you’re doing. That way she won’t ever suspect that you’ve fixed it for your proposal to be on the end of her fishing line when she reels it in.

5 Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Ideas * 2

Feed Her Your Proposal – The idea with this is to write your “Marry Me” proposal on a small enough piece of paper so that it can be integrated / concealed in food and drinks.

An old clichéd version of this is to arrange for your engagement ring to end up in her champagne glass in a romantic restaurant. However, we suggest that you think twice about these kind of wedding proposal ideas just in case she accidentally swallows the ring! Take a look at some alternatives:

  • Try a brightly colored waterproof marriage proposal that can be folded and frozen into an ice cube. Alternatively spell it out using 2 notes in 2 ice cubes “Will” & “You”. As she reads the second note pop the whole of the proposal question to her.
  • If she has a bit of a sweet tooth then bake your note into her favorite cake or dessert. Or have it done for you in a restaurant over a meal for two. Just make sure your note will survive the preparation process and make it large enough to be noticed instead of being eaten.
  • Using a razor blade or similar, open up a carton of her favorite chocolates (or similar) by cutting and removing the outer film from underneath. Very carefully remove the outer wrapping in a way that it can be re-used and replaced over the carton as if nothing has happened. Pop your proposal note inside and replace the wrapper using transparent glue to re-seal the bottom of the pack where it won’t be noticeable.

5 Wedding Proposal Ideas

Wedding Proposal Ideas * 3

Go Back To Your Roots -  This involves going back to the days when you first met and exploring he romantic moments you both shared.

  • Re-visit the location where you first met or experienced your first date. Hopefully something uniquely memorable happened (even if it ‘s only small) that can be recreated to form your marriage proposal. A gentle reminder to her on the way to your date should get her in the right frame of mind.
  • A good look through photographs taken of both of you together should yield good wedding proposal ideas. Even so, creating a scrapbook record of your memorable times together could serve as an excellent marriage proposal. It’s a good excuse to get romantic together and go through all the fun times. Write your marriage proposal on the very last page.

Wedding Proposal Ideas * 4

 A Big Public Announcement – These kind of wedding proposal ideas are the very hardest to successfully achieve. There are so many variables involved that disaster could strike at any moment. If you’re involving family and friends then secrecy will be hard to maintain and her suspicion levels will also rise.

  • Propose with an extra special engagement ring birthday present that can be presented to her during a romantic proposal in front of her assembled birthday party guests.
  • Make and display an extra large banner that spells out your proposal outside her office window. Make sure she (and everyone else) knows about it by using a loud hailer or similar to attract her attention.
  • Use the public address system at your new years eve party to propose to her in front of her family and friends.
  • Use your contacts / profession to arrange a unique proposal. For example, arrive at her house in an ambulance with all the lights and sirens blazing.
  • Create a public diversion where she thinks “X” is going to happen but you propose to her in front of the assembled crowd / friends & family instead.

Wedding Proposal Ideas * 5

 Natural Instinct Wedding proposal ideas that involve beautiful scenery are just ready made for creating the right marriage proposal ambiance.

  • Spell out your wedding proposal in the snow (with her name) where it can be seen from a distance. Be ready with your ring at the moment when she sees it and realizes it’s for her.
  • Spell out your proposal in large lettering where it can be clearly seen from the sky during a romantic air flight. Or have your proposal written in the sky by a professional sky writer.
  • Get out the picnic hamper for a trip to a local beauty spot that’s been prepared for your arrival with cushions and flowers etc. Your picnic spot needs to be tucked away where it can only be seen after you arrive at the exact place thus keeping your surprise intact.
  • If you’re a city dweller, arrange for a large electronic billboard to flash up your proposal during a romantic evening stroll.