6 Ideas For Creating Your Own Valentine Cards

1.) My heart {front of card) leaps at the thought of you!{inside the card}
(Accordian pleated 1 inch wide strip of paper with one end glued to the inside of the card and the other to a heart. When the card is opened the heart pops out at the recipient.

2.) I love you {front of card} Beary much! {inside the card}
(A picture of a bear holding a heart on the inside of the card.

3.) You make my heart {front of card} soar!{inside of card}
(A picture of a heart, or paper heart with wings on it. They can be just wing shapes cut out of paper and glued to each side of the heart.

4.) You are {front of card} puurfect for me! {inside of card}
(A cat picture with a heart)

5.) Great friends {front of card} stick together! {inside of card}
(A large heart with a wrapped piece of gum glued to it)

6.) Sign Language card. Trace your hand, cut it out and fold down the two middle fingers and glue them to the palm of the hand. Leave the thumb, index and pinky fingers sticking up. (This is the sign language sign for I LOVE YOU).

6 Ideas For Creating Your Own Valentine Cards

Now glue the hand shape onto a larger heart and write I love you onto the palm of the hand.

This is a great card for kids to make, if their hand is too small to write on the palm, just make the heart large enough to write above the hand on the heart.