6 Steps To Take Care Of Your Yard In The Spring

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It is spring time and everyone has the fever to get things going (or should I say growing). There are a few basics to get you off to a good start in the garden. Consider some of the following:

[1] Observe & Plan:

Look at your overall yard and notice what’s taken place over the winter. Also recognize maintenance needs, soil conditions, over growth & under growth, and other. After looking over your landscape, plan on paper what you want to do with your garden.

[2] Don’t Rush:

If the ground is still damp from winter you don’t want to rush things. More harm can be done by walking on soggy soils or turning over soil that’s too wet. Doing this will destroy the texture by compacting the soil.

[3] Check Your Tools & Equipment:

This is a good time to check your gardening equipment and tools. You can sharpen tools, clean them, and organize them for easy access.

6 Steps To Take Care Of Your Yard In The Spring

[4] Clean-up – Weeding:

A good next step is to clean up around your yard and garden. This can include dead limbs, branches, and plants. It also would mean starting your weeding program by pulling up dead and live weeds.

[5] Fertilize & Mulch:

Spring is a time to figure out what your soil is sufficient or deficient in. Figure out what the specific plants for your garden will require and add the balance of fertilizer to accommodate that. Mulching with organic matter is a great idea as well.

[6] Prune & Cut:

Cut back old or dead limbs and plant stalks. As soon as it’s dry enough, cut back perennials. If the plants have not started to sprout yet leave an inch of the dead plant so you’ll know where it is. Cutting and cleaning old and dead organic materials helps with the health of your garden as well as the overall look and feel of your garden.