7 Easy Tips on Writing Memoirs

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With these simple tips on writing memoirs, you’ll be surprised how easily and quickly the pages of your memoir will start to accumulate. What seems like an impossible task really isn’t if you keep these tips in mind.

  1. Don’t rush it! – Seriously – you didn’t get to where you are in a hurry. It took years, and while writing a memoir shouldn’t take years, make sure you’re willing to take the time necessary to get your stories on paper.
  2. Get Organized! – Make sure you have a place to keep your stories as you write them. Either write them in longhand (if you must) or write them on a computer. Then you can print them out and keep them in a 3-ring binder to rearrange later.
  3. Start writing from your list! – Start with the most important item on your list and write about it. Then go on to the next one. This keeps you focused and helps stop your mind from wandering. If you think of some funny real life stories or a few inspiring true life stories – just add them to your list for later.
  4. Jog your Memory! – There are lots of ways to do this, such as looking at old photographs, reading old letters or diaries and talking with relatives. Be patient – writing a memoir is an adventure. Be ready to take a few notes when you get together with your parents or brothers and sisters or even that elderly aunt you see only at Christmas or funerals.
  5. Find the Facts! – All this really means is get your facts straight. In today’s internet age it is so easy to check the year that something happened there’s really no excuse to get it wrong. Don’t put off writing to check the facts first – you can always go back and double-check exact years or other facts when necessary.
  6. Tell the Truth! – By this I mean tell YOUR truth. If you are sure something happened one way and your sister says it happened another way, don’t worry about it. She can tell her story and you can tell yours. Not everyone will remember things the same way and it really doesn’t matter since we all live different lives together anyway.
  7. Write on a Schedule! – It doesn’t matter if you write daily or weekly, but set aside a time to write and stick to it! If you build time to write into your schedule, whether a half hour or an hour and keep it to it as if it were a Doctor’s appointment, you’ll have the gratification of seeing your memoir grow – right in front of you.

7 Easy Tips on Writing Memoirs

These 7 easy tips on writing memoirs will get you started. I’ll be adding more tips as we go along this journey, so stick with it – you’ll get there sooner than you realize!