8 most important things you MUST know about taking online career tests

What you MUST know about taking online career tests (and free online career tests too).

Here’s what you need to know about taking free online career tests (and the paid ones too!).

Some online career tests are great and have the potential to be very helpful and useful and so on.

But (and it is a very big but!), there are some things you ABSOLUTELY must know.

1. There are no magic answers

No online career test is ever going to provide you with a magic answer to your career questions. In fact, no career test, career assessment (online or off), nor career coach, or other ‘expert’ will ever be able to give you a magic ‘answer’.You are the expert on you. Career tests can only ever be a guide.

2. You are unique

Online career tests look for patterns – ways in which people are similar or different from each other. But, every individual is unique. You have a unique set of experiences and genetic make-up. Your life is totally unique. You must always be the expert on you.

3. Online career tests are a TOOL

Online career tests are best used as a tool – to help you learn more about yourself. Use your own experiences and intuition to judge how to use the information you are given. Use your experiences, intellect, and intuition to judge the value in the information you receive. Some career assessments will be more relevant, accurate and useful for you than others.

8 most important things you MUST know about taking online career tests

4. There is no one ‘best’ online career test that will always give better results

No single one online career test or assessment will be the ‘best’ for everyone. Some people will hate all tests – always. Some people will find more value in some tests than others. Whereas other people may find the opposite is true. Trust yourself. Do the test and evaluate the value, accuracy and relevance for you. No one online career test should ever be assumed to be always accurate. However – that being said, there are definitely some better than others.

5. You should always do more than one online career test

Don’t assume that doing one test will give you all your answers. Doing more than one test will give you a much better picture of your career preference profile. You’ll get a much better understand of your ‘self’.

6. Some tests and questions will suit some people more than others

Some people will dislike some forms of questions – liked questions where you are ‘forced’ to choose the ‘best’ answer – even when you don’t like any of the options.

7. Doing a test is NEVER enough on its own – to find your dream career, YOU have to take control and action

Online career tests are great to do. The good ones are informative, insightful, and very helpful. But they are not enough on their own. You need to take it a step further. You need to do some hard thinking about what it all means for you, and then figure out what you need to do to find your dream career and to get it!

This is the hard bit – the bit that people often get most stuck on! In fact, this is the common reason that people get stuck. This is one of the common reasons that people go to see a career coach. My clients in private practice are exactly the same. It’s all very well knowing lots of interesting stuff about yourself, but what does it all mean? And what do you actually need to DO to get yourself into your dream career?

8. Your career is a journey not a destination

Your career is a journey, not a destination. If you ‘arrive’ at your dream job, your perfect career, you still want to keep developing and ‘changing’. You may stay in the same job, but you can still improve your skills and experience base. Or you may move to new roles that better match your growing set of skills and your changing values and priorities. This is a marvelous aspect of careers today. Change is expected. Most people will change careers (in a major way) several times at least throughout their career journey.

Career planning – a straightforward guide for YOU

I use a straightforward career planning ‘process’ with my own clients in private practice – and I’m putting it online here for you to use – coming soon! It’s a step-by-step guide that will explain exactly what you need to DO to find your dream career or to make the life-changing decisions you might be struggling with. My guide will give you a structure to work with and the clarity you need to understand your own unique career profile. It’s not difficult. It’s just a process. But you do need to actually DO it. Coming Soon!

Still too hard? Here’s the Short-Cut!

Sometimes (often actually) people get stuck on the ‘doing’ it part. You know who you are and what you want and what you need to do. But actually doing it becomes quite difficult. Why? Well, we are all human. There are many reasons and this is a very common problem.