8 Reasons Why Extended Breastfeeding Is Best For Your Toddler

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(Beyond 12 months)

Why is extended breastfeeding best for your toddler?

• Even though your toddler is getting a wide range of different foods at this stage, breast milk still provides many vitamins, immunities and enzymes that are very valuable and not available in most food.

• Most toddlers that are still nursing get sick much less often than children that are not.

• Weaning your child when they’re naturally ready rather than when you believe should be the deadline is a better idea and one that has been followed for centuries.

• If your toddler does get sick and isn’t able to keep any sort of food in their tummy, breast milk is usually best tolerated since it is very gentle and easily digested and will help with their quick recovery.

• Breastfeeding is very comforting to your little one, the bonding experience doesn’t stop within the first few months of their life. When you’re away from home and in a strange place, (the smell of Aunt Betty’s house can be overwhelming), or even if your child is sick, nursing your toddler can be very reassuring and calming.

8 Reasons Why Extended Breastfeeding Is Best For Your Toddler

• Most think that by leaving a child to experience things on their own is the only way they’ll learn to be responsible and secure where in fact, knowing that you’re there for them by continuously bonding with them makes them very steady and self-confident.

• As toddlers grow, they still have a great need to suck on something and those that are not breastfeeding will find another alternative such as a bottle, fingers, pacifier (soother) or that special ‘bankey’. Nursing actually helps develop your child’s dental curve.

• The longer you breastfeed your toddler, the more they (and YOU) will benefit from all that human milk has to offer that will last into adulthood.