8 safety tips about baby changing tables

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Baby changing tables come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Discover how to select the safest one for your baby.

Oh my gosh! Who knew that much of the day as a parent is about changing diapers? As a matter of fact, an average little one uses about 2,800 to 3,000 diapers their first year. So you may need a changing table. Here’s what to look for when picking one out.

8 safety tips about baby changing tables

  1. Make sure it is sturdy. If the store has a floor model, don’t be afraid to try it out. No, not literally by changing your little one on it. Just shake it and ask yourself: Out of all the baby changing tables that you have tested, which one doesn’t wobble? It is best to buy the sturdiest one.
  2. How low can you go! The lower the changing table is to the floor, the less likely it is to tip over. I used a changing table/dresser combo. You can also store more without using a lot of space. They are also wider, which makes it sturdier.
  3. Is there a place to store diapering supplies? ? If not, is there a place where you can place a basket of supplies? It is a good idea to have all of your little one’s diapering supplies within reach. That way, you will not be tempted to leave him/her unattended to get supplies.
  4. Buy a changing pad. This makes it comfortable for your little one. I recommend buying one that is waterproof. These are easier to clean. When my little ones would “tinkle” while I was changing them, I would change the changing pad cover, and then wipe down the changing pad with a disinfecting wipe. Voila! All clean.
  5. Safety straps. Make sure that either your changing table or changing pad has straps to hold your little one while you are changing him/her.
  6. To prevent back pain, you’ll want a changing table that is proportion to your height. I.e. if you’re tall, go with a taller table or dresser.
  7. Make sure all diapering supplies are out of reach of children. Little ones can be so curious. So store your supplies either in a drawer that has a child-proof latch, or up high where they cannot reach them. You should also put the supplies in an area that is within your reach while changing your baby, BUT not in the reach of your little one.
  8. Anti-tipping or furniture straps to prevent the changing table from tipping over.

    Do you have a tight budget? Then don’t worry. You can either buy a changing table/dresser combo ORleave out the changing table all together. You can always change your little one on a towel or changing pad on the floor.Another thing to remember is to ALWAYS use the safety straps when your little one is on a changing table. And although the straps keep your little one strapped in, NEVER leave your little one unattended on a changing table. Even it is for a quick second. So make sure you have everything you need to change your baby within reach. If you have to go get something, then take your baby with you.