8 Secrets of Growing No-Dig Potatoes

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1. Growing potatoes without digging is easier than you would think. They lend themselves ideally to this kind of gardening. All you need is to place the seed potato directly onto roughly cleared ground – or even on a concrete or gravel surface, (but cover it with a thick layer of newspaper first.). They should be about half a metre part.

2. Cover the potatoes with a layer of straw – any kind will do. Make it about two feet deep.

3. For every square yard of straw, scatter over a double handful of poultry manure pellets. Water in well.

4. Add two heaped shovels of cow manure and a good sprinkling of blood and bone. Water in again

5. Top with lawn clippings, rotted leaves or mushroom compost – or all three, then weigh it all down with a 5cm layer of sawdust. This helps to keep out light and so prevents weeds or grass from growing up through the straw.

6. When the potato shoots break through, mulch them firmly with more straw, but be sure not to cover the tips right up. Keep well watered.

7. To harvest your spuds when they have flowered and the foliage has died right off, simply lift up the carpet of straw. Or you can rob the bush earlier than that for some delicious new potatoes.

8. If you have a couple of old tyres, stand them one on top of the other, place one or two seed potatoes in the middle, then follow the steps outlined above. As the straw settles down, add more.

8 Secrets of Growing No Dig Potatoes