Meditation Techniques

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Meditation techniques are generally very simple to explain but as mentioned before the meditative state is difficult to master. Meditation comes from the ancient Indian Yoga practices of Dhyana Yoga where dhyana means concentration.

Make time to meditate
Don’t think that you have to meditate for hours and hours 20mins twice a day will make a significant difference to your state of mind. At the same time being irregular and meditating once in a while will not bring the results that you may be looking for.

Regular time and place
The mind is a creature of habit, note how you need coffee or cola or a cigarette and the times that you get these cravings, Ditto for meditation. If you are make an effort to be regular you will start to find that you automatically make time in your life to meditate. Find a place in your home where you will not be disturbed (turn off the phone) and keep this place for meditation only. If it is also your home office you may find it difficult to concentrate. The area where you meditate will soon become impregnanted with peaceful vibes that will help to take you deeper, try not to mix energies.

 Meditation Techniques

I find that an incense stick really gets me in the right frame of mind. You may find that relaxing music, low lighting or an eye mask will help to concentrate your efforts.

You must make sure that you are comfortable, if you are too hot or cold itchy or sweaty you will break you own concentration. Lie down on a soft duvet or yoga mat. If you are worried about falling asleep, sit in a comfortable chair with you arms and legs uncrossed but relaxed with you feet flat and palms either facing upwards or on relaxed on your thighs. Your mind will try and work against you as you are trying to get it to shut up and be quiet, obviously it will put up a fight so the more comfortable and regular you can be the more you will get out of your practices.

What to do next?
The normal information available is to concentrate on your incoming and outgoing breath or inhalation and exhalation. Some recommend say a mantra such as Om or Aum, Soham or Hamsa. This is a very good way to start but I get bored and distracted very easily and so can’t really stick to this much. What I do is send healing to my pineal gland and hypothalamus, areas in the brain which release relaxation hormones. I tend to just send healing to my whole head or crown chakra area and this almost automatically calms me down. Even during the day I can do this to help relax me.

Once I feel relaxed, I relax even further into a place in my heart, I drop my conscious thoughts into the physcial place of the heart and right in the center. This you will not further relaxes your being.

Visualisation I find that a visualisation will help my meditation rather than counting on my inhalations and exhalations. This can be anything from visualisation or imagining white light around me or light entering my crown chakra and root chakra mixing at the level of my heart and exploding around me. Another great visualisation I use is being in a white room surrounded by all the spiritual beings I can think of, Jesus, Buddha, Krishna etc and being healed on a couch made of cotton balls.

Don’t worry if you can’t visualise, what you need to do is imagine or day-dream with you eyes closed. It will have the same result as the person with the best visualisation ability.