A Barking Dog Is A Nuisance To Your Neighbors As Well As Your Ears

A barking dog is no fun to deal with. Is your dogs barking out of control? There’s help! All of our little dogs need behaviour training right from the first day home.

There are some dogs that just bark, bark, bark. Why? Dogs get bored, lonely, or just want attention. Try to stop unnecessary barking quickly. It’s annoying not only to you but neighbours too.

Of course your dog will bark; hopefully to warn you of strangers or harm. Barking is not necessary just because the wind blew. A barking dog needs to know the difference between barking and speaking. If you fix the puppy barking problem then there should be no adult barking dog issues.

Allow your dog to bark at strangers. If the stranger is of no danger tell your dog ,”I see them to”, “good boy buddy”. Try to control your barking dog with quiet commands. Once your dog barks say, “no quiet”. If there is no danger then say, “good boy buddy”, and praise your dog for warning you of the situation. It is all about proper training.

A Barking Dog Is A Nuisance To Your Neighbors As Well As Your Ears

This is good with or without treats. I prefer no treats. I like my dogs to listen to me because they trust me. They know I will feed them so why treat them to mind.

The simplest solution is to change the situation by walking on with the,”no buddy come-command”. When he does what you want tell him,”good boy buddy”. Then continue your walk.

Always use your dogs name before the command. Dogs only learn by 1 word commands. Don’t confuse them.

I trained my barking dog the speak command.

When your dog barks try this solution-

Ring your doorbell ask your dog to speak right after he has just barked. Say, “Buddy speak” (If he did) say, “good boy buddy”. Keep trying this until your dog understands the speak word is for bark. Bark is speak. Don’t say bark instead say speak.

At home find your dogs favorite toy to chew on. This is a simple solution for at home barking. Distract your dog with any thing other than listening to them bark. It is called changing the situation.