A Bit of Aromatherapy Information

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Real, biological changes happen in our body when we are exposed to various fragrances and essential oils.

Certain fragrances help us sleep better, some give us energy, some even stimulate our immune system, just by their chemical makeup.

The “Apple Pie” Example

One way to reveal the power of our sense of smell is to recognize what happens when a familiar scent brings back an emotion.

You have experienced it many times – when you catch a whiff of a familiar scent and it reminds you of a distant memory. (That’s called anchoring.)

If it was a good memory, it made you feel happy! If it was a bad memory it immediately triggered negative feelings – and could have ruined your day.

(There’s a way to reprogram anchoring – but it’s off topic so email me if you want more info on that….)

Although smelling an “Apple Pie” fragranced candle, if you have warm memory of mom baking, might cause an emotional reaction, which in turn will cause a biological one.

The reason for Essential Oils is that they are potent and have been identified as medicinal for thousands of years.

Essential oil aromatherapy causes a biological reaction first- which causes an emotional one second. If you body relaxes, you start to feel better. If you feel a surge of energy, you feel more energetic.

It can even relieve holiday stress! Something about a Blue Spruce candle, or Cinnamon Spice just makes you feel happier.

A Bit of Aromatherapy Information

The essential oil aromatherapy candle scents we carry are for an anxiety aromatherapy candle, one for sensual experience, one for a deeper sleeping experience, and a candle to energize you and stimulate your immune system.

Many countries still use aromatherapy information for healing, and we here in the western world are starting to realize the many benefits at little or no risk.

Do Aromatherapy candles Work?

Even with all the aromatherapy information we have, we can not claim “medicinal” value. Aromatherapy candles do create a warm inviting environment, made our surroundings more pleasant and can give us a sense of connection.

Medicine has proved that feeling happy goes a long way to healing.

My Opinion

I have found our aromatherapy candles to be quite wonderful, especially our RELAX candle, which seems to have an effect on sleeping.

Making them is enjoyable – and the feeling lasts all day!

It doesn’t work 100% of the time, but WOW, most of the time my husband and I fall into a much appreciated deep sleep for all night after burning it.

I’ve also heard great reports from my clients, and they are happy with the results. You must burn it AT LEAST 30 minutes before retiring for it to have an effect.

Remember to blow it out! Never leave a burning candle unattended.

Since sleeping disorders can be the result or consequence of many different things, this is by no means a cure….But it has helped a lot of people have a restful, deep sleep many nights.

Yes, it’s only a candle! But whatever works naturally is a good thing!