A Comparison of Nitro Pro Series Snowboards

If you are a serious snowboarder, you probably want the best snowboard available…especially if you compete in snowboarding events. One of the best brands of snowboards on the market is made by Nitro. If you would like more information about this, please read on for some information on various Nitro pro series snowboards.

One Nitro pro series snowboards that you might consider is in the Shadow series. These are the first snowboards to feature a tri progressive sidecut. This allows quick entry and exit for those of you that like to tackle the big ones!

For those of you that would like an all around snowboard that is stable, yet high performance, try the Demolition series. These boards go up to 161 in size. They are made to tackle boulders, drop off cliffs, or just plain zoom down the mountainside.

For you ladies out there, you may enjoy the Alias series. These boards are made just for the lighter and smaller women who cannot use the sometimes larger snowboards that men use. The size is a much smaller 143 cm.

A Comparison of Nitro Pro Series Snowboards

Lastly, Nitro offers many snowboards for all of you children out there. The sizes of the children’s snowboards vary. A popular one is in the Atlas series. These mini snowboards are at a size of 132 cm.

You will be happy to know that all of the Nitro pro series snowboards come with a 2 year warranty. This is an added benefit when you compare this brand with most other snowboard brands. Make the right choice and consider Nitro for your snowboarding needs.