A Complete Definition of what a Memoir is

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If you’re still asking, “What is a memoir?” – read this.

To clear up the confusion read this entry from Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th edition. The first three definitions of Memoir are:

  • a biography or biographical sketch, usually one written by someone who knew the subject well.
  • an autobiography, esp. one that is objective and anecdotal in emphasis rather than inward or subjective.
  • a report or record of important events based on the writer’s personal observation or knowledge.

Clear as mud, right?

Actually, this three-part definition of memoir is great because it allows you the ability to write anything you choose about yourself and call it a… you guessed it, a memoir.

It also lets you show your kids and grandkids how you could have changed from this.

A Complete Definition of what a Memoir is

To this – In about 50 years, of course A Complete Definition of what a Memoir is

So maybe it’s a good time to start planning your own memoir.

Think about it… when you write in your journals and diaries you usually put in things that are important to you. Otherwise, why bother?

But, there are a lot of confusing terms out there. After all, what are the differences between:

  • autobiography
  • biographies
  • family history stories
  • genealogy

We’ll define each of those in a few minutes, but for now let’s just think about memoirs as a combination of the three definitions above. Basically, anything you want to write about yourself can be your memoir.

Now the question “What is a Memoir?” is cleared up.

There is no need to follow any one person’s rule or definition – that in itself allows you to create your own personal keepsake.