A Complete Guide To Picking Patterns

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I love perusing catalogs of patterns(whether it be online or at the fabric shop). Creative ideas and many imaginings dash around in my mind. Daydreaming (even if it’s night) of the endless possibilities that will satisfy my artistic yen. I could spend hours doing just that. (ask my husband or my kids; they’ll verify this)

Do you need a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day? Open a catalog! Want to relax and unwind? Open a catalog! Want to be full of creative ideas and excitement? Open a catalog! Browse the possibilities!

Inspiration is often times the “buzz word” when you are contemplating patterns and looking over catalogs. An expression of yourself can be fancifully conceived during this time. You may come up with an idea for something which is so clear in your mind that you know exactly what you need to make it, how to get your design made and what your finished project will look like.

A Complete Guide To Picking Patterns

Sewing is an activity that you can get totally absorbed in. It keeps your hands and your mind busy. Both of these, in co-ordination with each other, focus on the project in front of you. The rewards of sewing are “sew” great! It’s been proven that sewers have less stress, lower blood pressure, a clearer head, better skills for problem-solving and a great sense of humor. Okay, I added that last one myself! But it’s true…and the more you make your own clothes, the more discriminating you are about the ones you purchase. You know what quality really means and you know how to look for it. You also know that nowadays it’s pretty hard to find!

TIP: When you purchase a pattern and after you have gotten all the notions and supplies for that project then put them all together in a ziploc storage bag. This will keep thread, fabric, pattern, zipper, buttons, trims, etc. all in one place so there’s no more hunting around. Everything you need for that project is in the bag!