A Dog Biscuit, a Dog Bone, or even Dog Confections. They’re fun, they’re yummy, but are they healthy dog treats?

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Healthy Dog Treats

Your dog is your pride and joy. You want them to have the best of everything. The best family life (naturally that’s you!), the best health care, the best diet, the best play life, and an abundance of love. We know how difficult it is to say no to something that your dog wants, but you know is not good for them. This will typically happen at mealtime. They want to share in your food. They get more excited about the smells coming from your meal than theirs.

We have been told time and time again, that human food is not good for dogs. In fact, there is a list of everyday, human-grade foods that are considered toxic to dogs. Today I have to read labels of foods that I buy for my family and that includes the four-legged family members as well!

It is important to feed them a dog treat dog food and dog food that is of high quality and will not sacrifice proper nutrition for taste. You may also have a dog that suffers from food allergies, which are harmful to their health.

A Dog Biscuit, a Dog Bone, or even Dog Confections. They’re fun, they’re yummy, but are they healthy dog treats?

Providing a healthy diet is the first step in improving you pet’s natural defenses and providing a strong foundation for good health. As your pet ages, proper nutrition becomes even more crucial to their health.

All natural dog treats, natural dog treats, and organic dog treats, are some of the terms used to describe many of the treats that are available today. But what constitutes “healthy dog treats”? If feeding yourself foods high in fats, sugars, and artificial nutrients aren’t good for your health, how do think these particular foods will affect your dog?

Healthy dog treats…

Generally start out with food products that are low in fat, sugar and salt. Please note on the toxic foods page, table scraps are referenced as being unhealthy as they may be loaded with fats and salts. Many may totally forget about what is healthy when they watch their pooch enjoy woofing down a piece of steak with fat on a steak bone.

Empty calories…

Often, table scraps contain nothing but empty calories. Some mashed potatoes with gravy or butter, some veggies loaded with butter and salt, and the icing from your butter cream cake you didn’t want…of course your dog thinks he’s in heaven. However, not only did your best friend get empty calories, but the more he eats table scraps, the less he will want to eat his own food which is more nutritious and contains less of the components which are harmful to him.

Weight problem…

Once your dog gets used to eating table scraps, his body weight will probably start to increase as his caloric intake increases with empty calories. Dog treats designed for dogs, take into consideration a dog’s nutritional needs as well as his caloric requirements.

“Obesity in dogs is a major health concern. Just as with people, obesity can lead to very serious health problems: diabetes, pancreatitis, arthritis and heart disease are just a few of the problems that can be caused by or worsened if your pet is overweight.”

Organic dog treat products…

Several treats out in the marketplace today are made with organic ingredients. Check the labels and if there are any organic ingredients, the treat will be clearly marked as such.

All natural dog treats…

Is a little more ambiguous but generally indicates that the manufacturer doesn’t include any artificial ingredients. Additionally in the past, animal by-products were ground up and included in feed for pets. Today, with problems such as mad cow disease, inclusion of such by products can offer a serious health threat to your four-legged friend. This practice is almost non-existent in dog treats, but the best defense is to check the ingredients before purchasing any products.

A good starting point…

If you are concerned about your dog enough to be buying them a quality dog treat, you probably already know what’s good for their health. Providing a healthy diet for your pal and staying away from unhealthy products is the best defense to maintaining their good health. Become a discerning shopper and carefully scrutinize labels to ensure that you select the food and treats that will best suit your dog in terms of taste and nutrition.

Green Beans?

You may not have liked them when you were young and now you’re going to consider giving them to your dog as a treat? Well…yes. Dogs actually like green vegetation but have difficulty digesting it when eaten alone. Some cooked veggies mixed in with their dog food is a healthy and necessary component of their diet.

Hard boiled eggs…

Hard-boiled egg whites are a good substitute for protein. Be sure to remove the yolk where all the fat is stored. And a dab of cottage cheese or plain yogurt is just like licking the remnants of an ice cream bowl, except a lot healthier.