A full list of all the Tools needed for painting your home

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Included here is a full, relevant and comprehensive list of all the painting tools you will need to complete your home renovation.

Essentials you need are:

1/ Roller arm

2/ Roller sleeve

3/ Paint tray

4/ Buckets

5/ Scrapers/Strippers/Filling blades

6/ Dust mask, protective glasses, gloves, overalls

7/ Electric/battery sander / sanding block / sandpaper

8/ Heating Gun, Dusting Brush

A full list of all the Tools needed for painting your home

Optionals you may need are:

1/ Ladder(s), interior/exterior

2/ Scaffolding, exterior

3/ Wooden planks, interior/exterior

4/ Drop Sheets, cleaning rags

5/ Roller extension handle, exterior

6/ Masking tape

7/ Straight edge

8/ Carpet Edgers

9/ Solvent/brush cleaner

10/Paint Stripper

Manufacturers and the quality of product can vary – the best advice I can give you before you buy anything is to always choose top quality tools: in the long term you`ll save yourself a lot of bother, with tools that last the course.

In the picture below is a selection of things you will need as you start your work including a strong, top quality, paint tray with standard size, 9 inch (230mm), roller sleeve/arm, a good quality brush for interior and/or exterior work, a small 4 inch (100mm) roller, a paint pad, and a plastic drop sheet for draping over your furniture and other fittings when painting the ceiling, and two plastic protective glasses, one clear to protect your eyes inside your home, and one darkened one when working outside in strong sunlight.